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Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 3/29/2024 [AM]

Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 3/29/2024 [AM]

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Friday, March 29, 2024

Steve Bannon hosted the Morning War Room


Jack Posobiec and Steve Bannon dissected a political event in NYC involving prominent Democrats like Obama, Clinton, and Biden on March 29, 2024. They criticized it as symbolic of Democratic policies harmful to the nation, contrasting it with the MAGA movement.

Posobiec emphasized the abandonment of Christianity by Democrats, linking it to societal harm. Both criticized Democrats’ handling of the Ukraine crisis and praised Trump’s commitment to law and order.

Posobiec condemned the release of a cop shooter and highlighted Trump’s role in maintaining societal order.

Kris Kobach discussed a Kansas bill banning transgender surgeries on minors and criticized a lawsuit against Biden’s student loan plan.

Dr. Naomi Wolf addressed European censorship of her work and paralleled US and European fights against globalist agendas.

Mike Lindell discussed challenges faced by MyPillow, citing media misrepresentation and counterfeit products.

Guests like Dave Brat and Clay Clark delved into economic disparities, societal unrest, and the potential for revolution due to wealth inequality. Kevin Sorbo discussed Hollywood corruption and the efforts of independent filmmakers to promote positive messages.

Full show in segments: 

Bannon And Posobiec Break Down Biden’s Elitist NYC Fundraiser

On Friday’s show,  after the cold open, the show opened with a discussion of a March 29, 2024, political event in New York City that gathered prominent Democrats, including former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and current President Joe Biden.  Jack Posobiec and Steve Bannon both criticized the event for what they perceived as a celebration of the Democratic Party and its policies, which they argued are harmful to the country. Posobiec and Bannon highlighted this event as symbolic of the contrast between the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement and the Democratic Party’s agenda.

Posobiec talked about the importance of religion in American society, particularly Christianity, arguing that the Democratic party has abandoned its Christian roots and has embraced a secular worldview that is harmful to the country. 
Both Bannon and Posobiec criticized the Democrats for their handling of the Ukraine crisis, arguing that their policies have led to an increase in crime and violence.
Posobiec praised Trump for his visit to a police officer’s funeral in Long Island,  which they saw as a sign of his commitment to law and order. They also praised Trump for his work rebuilding New York City in the 1980s and 1990s, arguing that he symbolizes American greatness.

The Politicians And Judges Who Released The NY Cop Shooter After 21 Arrests Deserve To Be In Jail

Jack Posobiec emphasized the importance of figures like Donald J. Trump, police officers, and Rudy Giuliani in maintaining order and safety in society. He condemned a recent shooting incident and called for accountability for both the perpetrators and the politicians and judges involved.

Bannon discussed the role of money in politics, highlighting the need for accountability and transparency. Posobiec argued that the current discussion about the Democrat Party’s activity should be focused on the fact that there is a larger agenda, which he told Bannon he and his co-author have documented in a book called “The Unhumans.” This agenda, they claim, aims to destabilize society and destroy civilization.

Kris Kobach Discusses New Bill That Prohibits Transgender Surgeries Being Performed On Minors

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