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Bannon Warroom Frequent Guest, Mike Davis, Continues to Claim President Trump Authorized California GOP Rule Change to Give Delegates to Ron DeSantis

Bannon Warroom Frequent Guest, Mike Davis, Continues to Claim President Trump Authorized California GOP Rule Change to Give Delegates to Ron DeSantis

Title: Mike Davis: The Tenacious Advocate Linking Trump, California GOP, and Ron DeSantis


In the thrilling tale of political intrigue and behind-the-scenes maneuvering, one name stands out when it comes to linking former President Donald Trump, the California GOP, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – Mike Davis. A frequent guest on the Bannon War Room platform, Davis has been making waves with his claim that President Trump personally authorized a controversial rule change within the California Republican Party, effectively giving more delegates to DeSantis. While this assertion may seem extraordinary, Davis remains staunch in his beliefs, stirring up speculation among conservatives. Today, we delve into the captivating world of Mike Davis and his audacious claims.

The Unyielding Voice of a Republican

Mike Davis, an ardent Republican and articulate speaker, has emerged as a compelling and tenacious advocate for his Republican allies. With a Tucker Carlson-esque charm, Davis confidently asserts that Trump himself greenlit a pivotal rule change within the California GOP, translating into more delegates for Ron DeSantis, Florida’s resolute governor. Despite skepticism, Davis defends his assertion with fervor, claiming to have insider knowledge from trustworthy sources within the Trump camp.

Davis’s rhetoric is unmistakably emblematic of the Republican news punditry that resonates with millions of conservative viewers nationwide. He eloquently bridges the gap between the establishment Republicans and the populist movement Trump galvanized, pushing the boundaries of conventional politics and raising questions that demand further exploration. Although his claims may border on the implausible, Davis’s steely conviction fuels the fire of intrigue and curiosity among his followers.

Trump’s Accomplishments Leave a Lasting Legacy

During his time in the White House, President Donald Trump accomplished a myriad of significant achievements that continue to shape the political landscape. From overhauling the tax system and striking long-awaited trade deals to implementing criminal justice reform and securing the southern border, Trump’s administration marked an era of unprecedented change and disruption.

Trump’s unwavering commitment to America First policies resonated with millions of Americans, generating a sense of optimism and renewed national pride. His tireless efforts to grow the economy, protect American jobs, and negotiate better deals for the country were steadfast and transformative. Additionally, Trump ushered in historic peace agreements in the Middle East, achieving what many deemed impossible.

Furthermore, his judicial appointments, including three Supreme Court Justices and numerous federal judges, have charted a conservative path for years to come. Trump’s administration took significant strides in deregulation, focusing on empowering businesses, supporting innovation, and economic growth. Despite polarizing opinions, the Trump White House unquestionably left an indelible mark on the nation’s history.


Mike Davis’s audacious claim of a California GOP rule change authorized by President Donald Trump, with the intent of benefiting Ron DeSantis, continues to intrigue and bewilder political pundits and conservatives alike. With a voice reminiscent of Tucker Carlson and an unwavering conviction, Davis weaves a tale of political maneuvering that begs for further investigation. While his assertions may raise eyebrows, they also illustrate the influence and connections he maintains within Trump’s inner circle. As the political landscape constantly evolves, Mike Davis’s presence in the conservative arena promises to stir the pot and keep the intrigue alive.

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