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Banana Republic: Biden directed Trump accusations by AG Garland | Thursday of the truth

Banana Republic: Biden directed Trump accusations by AG Garland |  Thursday of the truth

Rob Maness

Presidential power has been studied in America since the first citizen raised his right hand and swore to faithfully execute the laws of the Constitution and to support and defend it. General Washington set the standards that all would follow, for a time. The current office holder exercises power as if he (or those who control him) are not bound by the Constitution or the longstanding policy that has served the Republic well, until now. Beginning in 2008, presidents began to use direct power more and more as they faced divided Congresses that limited their ability to pass legislation, and they resorted quite frequently to executive orders or new uses of the existing law Unelected executive branch leaders have followed suit, and the entire federal government now wields power almost unfettered by the Constitution. The United States is facing the biggest crisis it has seen since the decade before 1861, and yet states seem largely unable to deal with it even though they have the power to do so. With the leading opposition candidate for the presidency in 2024 and the last to hold office before Biden under multiple federal indictments, the world perceives us as a failed nation.

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