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Australian surfers rescued after 38 hours lost at sea in Indonesia

Four Australian surfers who went missing after their boat was caught in a storm off the remote coast of Indonesia have been successfully rescued after spending more than 38 hours stranded at sea. The surfers, including Steph Weisse, Will Teagle and Jordan Short, along with two unnamed Indonesian nationals, were found by a surf charter boat, much to the relief of their families and loved ones.

Dramatic video footage captured the poignant moment rescuers saw the stranded group “swinging on their surfboards”. Both the surfers and their rescuers cheered and celebrated when they realized they were safely located in the middle of the vast ocean.

Among the rescued surfers was Australian Elliot Foote, who had become separated from the group while searching for help. The group had embarked on a surfing trip to celebrate Foote’s 30th birthday when their boat ran into bad weather and heavy rain.

The success of the rescue operation was aided by the local knowledge of the currents of the surf charter boats, helping them to identify the likely location where the group could have drifted. The rest of the group had reached Pinang Island, raising the alarm and assisting in search and rescue efforts.

Although the surfers are now safe, one Indonesian crew member remains missing and the search continues. The Australian government expressed its gratitude to those involved in the search and rescue, supporting Australians and their families. This heartwarming story concludes with a meeting that highlights the importance of local expertise and cooperation during difficult situations at sea.

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