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Artificial intelligence: our world in data

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are already having a huge impact on our lives: they are increasingly shaping what we see, what we believe and what we do. Based on the ongoing advances in AI technology and recent large increases in investment, we should expect AI technology to become even more powerful and impactful in the years and decades to come.

It’s easy to underestimate how much the world can change in a lifetime, so it’s worth taking seriously what those working in AI hope for the future. Most AI experts believe there is a real possibility that human-level artificial intelligence will develop in the next few decades, and some believe it will exist much sooner.

How these powerful AI systems are built and used will be very important to the future of our world and our own lives. All technologies have both positive and negative consequences, but with AI the range of these consequences is extraordinarily large: technology has immense potential for good, but it also comes with great downsides and high risks.

A technology that has such a large impact on our society must be of central interest to people throughout our society. But currently, the question of how this technology will be developed and used is left to a small group of entrepreneurs and engineers.

With our publications on artificial intelligence, we want to help change this status quo and support broader societal engagement.

On this page, you’ll find a series of articles and an overview of AI-related metrics to keep track of what’s happening and where we might be heading. We hope this work will be useful for the growing and necessary public conversation about AI.

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