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Army Uses Transgender Soldier ‘Rachel’ to Promote Diversity in the Military

Army Uses Transgender Soldier ‘Rachel’ to Promote Diversity in the Military

Title: Army Uses Transgender Soldier ‘Rachel’ to Promote Diversity in the Military


In an effort to foster inclusivity and promote diversity within the armed forces, the United States Army has made significant strides in embracing transgender servicemembers. As part of these ongoing efforts, the Army has decided to showcase the story of Corporal Rachel (name unchanged), a transgender soldier, to exemplify its commitment to equality within its ranks. By recognizing and celebrating the contributions of transgender individuals, the military hopes to inspire a more diverse and inclusive environment for all servicemembers.

Rachel’s Journey

Corporal Rachel, a decorated soldier based at Fort Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn, New York, has been serving in the Army since 2015. Born as Robert (name unchanged), Rachel struggled with her gender identity from an early age. Faced with societal pressures and the fear of potential discrimination, she initially kept her true identity hidden.

However, the repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy by the Obama administration in 2011 paved the way for an inclusive military environment. Following extensive internal research and consultations, the Army adopted a policy in 2016 allowing transgender individuals to serve openly.

Rachel’s decision to publicly come out as transgender was met with support and understanding from her fellow servicemembers. Recognizing her exceptional dedication and commitment to duty, her superiors encouraged her to share her story to inspire others who may be struggling with their identities.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in the Military

The Army’s decision to highlight Rachel’s story as part of its efforts to promote diversity reflects a broader commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. By showcasing the experiences of transgender servicemembers, the military is addressing common misconceptions and challenging preconceived notions about transgender individuals.

Transgender members have always existed in the armed forces, but their visibility in official military narratives has been limited until recently. By sharing their contributions and affirming their value within the military, the Army acknowledges the vital role transgender individuals play in achieving its mission and goals.

Enhancing Readiness, Respect, and Camaraderie

The integration of transgender individuals within the military brings benefits that go beyond mere representation. By embracing diversity, the armed forces cultivate an environment that prioritizes strength, resilience, and unity. Transgender servicemembers’ unique perspectives and experiences enrich troops’ understanding of human differences and help build stronger teams capable of overcoming diverse challenges.

Moreover, promoting inclusivity sends a powerful message to the general public that the armed forces mirror the values and diversity of the nation they serve. This, in turn, boosts public confidence in the military and strengthens the bonds between the military and civilian communities.


The United States Army’s decision to feature the story of Corporal Rachel, a transgender soldier, represents a significant step towards fostering diversity and inclusivity within the military. By recognizing and celebrating the contributions of transgender servicemembers, the Army sends a clear message that they are valued, respected, and integral to the military’s operational readiness.

The military’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment not only benefits the transgender community but also enhances the overall strength and capabilities of the armed forces. The example set by Rachel and others like her ensures that the United States military remains an institution that embraces all individuals, regardless of gender identity.

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