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Archbishop Viganò: Globalism is a ‘satanic’ preparation for the ‘rise of the Antichrist’

(LifeSiteNews) –– Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has again condemned the rise of “globalism”, stating that it is preparing humanity “for the political rise of the Antichrist”.

On August 24 interview with a medium of communication in French, Viganò commented on the rise of “globalism” and its impact on society. Again issuing a denunciation of globalism that he has constantly made, the archbishop linked the corruption of society to the corruption of the Catholic Church:

The element that, in my opinion, needs to be made clear – so that the denunciation is complete – is the speculative relationship between the profound coup d’état in the civil sphere and the similar coup of the profound church in the ecclesiastical sphere.

The “subversive action” that undermines each area is “identical,” he asserted, “as the inspiring principles that move them and the goals that they set.”

He argued that it is “essential” that Catholics “understand that Vatican II and the Novice order they were for the Church what the Revolution and the Declaration of Human Rights were for civil societies, because at the root of both lies the poisonous germ of the Revolution, that is, of the subversion of the ‘natural order that God established for man and human societies. “

Continuing, the archbishop painted a link between globalism and Satanism, arguing that they are almost synonymous. “The essence of globalism is satanic, and the essence of satanism is globalist.”

For Satan’s plan is to establish the reign of the Antichrist, giving him a way to parody the earthly life of Christ, to imitate his miracles with grotesque wonders, to draw the multitudes not with the simplicity of the Truth but with deception and the lie

Globalism constitutes, so to speak, the stage set, the script and script that must prepare humanity for the political rise of the Antichrist, to whom the rulers of the world – his servants – they will hand over national sovereignties so that it happens. a kind of world tyrant.

Expanding on how this “scenario” could be done, Viganò wrote that “what remained of the reign of Christ must be erased in the institutions, culture and daily life of the citizens.” One way to achieve this would be to implement “moral dissolution”, he argued, which would encourage people “to vice and mock virtue”.

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But he also highlighted aspects such as attempts to destroy “the natural family, the fundamental cell of society, removed from which children become commodities, products that those with money can order on the Internet, feeding an extensive criminal network and increasingly flourishing, not to mention the surrogacy industry.”

Divorce, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and pansexualism, gender transition mutilation have proven to be effective tools to eliminate not only the revealed Faith, but also the most sacred principles of Natural Law.

In opposition to the Catholic faith that these anti-life movements oppose, globalism is “a religion” spread through “awakened ideology,” the archbishop claimed. While Catholicism is Christ-centered, “Globalists apply Catholic principles of ‘social royalty’, but proclaim Satan king of societies.”

Viganò, who previously served as papal nuncio to the USA 2011 – 2016, highlighted a pattern of “censorship of information not aligned with the official story, carried out with the complicity of the platforms. social and the media”. This, he argued, has been employed in modern society, allowing the spread of the anti-Catholic spirit:

It is no coincidence that democratic fiction uses means of violent repression of popular demonstrations which, in a free democracy, should lead to barricades and international executions – I am thinking, among other things, of Macron, a student of Young leaders for tomorrow from World Economic Forumby Klaus Schwab. It is not enough to call a dictatorship “democracy” for it to magically become so, especially when the consent of the citizens to those who interpret their moods and expectations constitutes a threat to the survival of these parasites subversive

He also expressed doubts about the current independence and veracity of electoral processes, stating that “democracy” was an illusion that the “Masonic oligarchy” allows citizens to indulge.

I repeat: if democracy worked, they would not let citizens play with the farce of elections and the illusion of being represented in Parliament. If they allow it, it is because the Masonic oligarchy knows that it can control it through its emissaries, placed everywhere. Instead, the Antichrist will be king, not president; will exercise power in an absolute, totalitarian, dictatorial manner. And those who believe in the fable of democracy will discover too late that they have been deceived.

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The archbishop’s comments against globalism and globalist forces are by no means the first time he has voiced these arguments. Speaking to Steve Bannon last summer, Viganò said how:

In short, we are governed by a high command of usurers and speculators, from Bill Gates, who invests in large farms on the eve of the food emergency, or in vaccines just before the outbreak of the pandemic, to George Soros , which speculates. on currency fluctuations and government bonds and together with Hunter Biden funds a biolab in Ukraine.

He argued that national leaders and heads of state “are traitors to our nation who are dedicated to the elimination of populations, and that all their actions are carried out to cause the greatest harm to citizens.”

But so does he believed that despite a “deliberate intent to do harm,” the globalist effort known as the “Great Reset” has an “inevitable” end in failure, the timing of which depends “on our ability to oppose it and also of what contains the plans of Divine Providence”.

He urged families to be part of a movement to resist the Great Reset’s “build back better” agenda and instead “build back what has been destroyed.”


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