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Apple’s iOS 17 update: Phone app design change

Apple enthusiasts, get ready for a change in your smartphone experience as the tech giant rolls out the iOS 17 update. Among the variety of changes, the “End Call” button gets a new location Alongside this design tweak, iOS 17 introduces a number of innovative features to improve the calling and messaging experience.

In the upcoming iOS 17 update, the Phone app on Apple’s flagship iPhone is undergoing a design overhaul, including the relocation of the “end call” button. Traditionally placed at the bottom center of the app, the new iteration places the upload button in the bottom right, aligning it with other features for improved accessibility. While this change may jog users’ muscle memory, it’s intended to streamline the app’s appearance and consolidate features into a single area.

The first glimpses of the upcoming update, available in beta form for developers, prompted various reactions from the iOS community. Comments on social media ranged from enthusiastic anticipation to humorous dismay as users grappled with the altered button placement.

Unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year, iOS 17 promises a host of features designed to personalize and improve communication experiences. Among the new features, users will soon have the ability to create custom contact “posters” to appear during calls. Live Voicemail introduces real-time transcripts of the caller’s messages, allowing users to choose whether to respond immediately or later. In addition, NameDrop allows users to share contact information simply by bringing two iPhones together.

The improvements extend to FaceTime, which will soon support left-behind video messaging for those who aren’t available to chat. Other updates include improved autocorrect accuracy, improved dictation in iMessage, and a more responsive Siri. Apple’s usual release schedule in September is planned for the official release of iOS 17, after the annual iPhone event.

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