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Apple is likely to introduce USB-C charging in the upcoming iPhone 15

Apple’s next iPhone, which will be unveiled on September 12, is expected to ditch its proprietary Lightning charging port in favor of a USB-C connection. This change aligns with a European Union regulation that mandates a universal charging standard by December 2024, with the aim of reducing waste and saving consumers money.

Although Apple has resisted the EU rule since its introduction in 2021, the company appears to be relenting. Most of their newer products, like the latest iPads, have already switched to USB-C. Apple has previously argued that regulation stifles innovation, but given the extensive list of EU devices that require a USB-C port, including mobile phones, tablets and more, it seems the tech giant has no choice but to comply.

With the Lightning cable, which retails at £19, potentially being phased out, Apple’s shift could herald its end. Lightning to USB-C adapters are already available from several brands, and iPhones have supported wireless charging since the iPhone 8.

According to Bloomberg, this change could offer users benefits such as the convenience of using a single charger for multiple Apple devices and faster download speeds. The transition will likely be part of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models, which will debut at Apple’s annual fall event.

The EU claims the universal charger will save consumers up to €250m (£213m) a year and reduce e-waste by 11,000 tonnes a year. These regulations will extend to other portable electronics and will also apply to laptops, although manufacturers have a longer deadline to adapt.

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