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Andy Murray dedicates Davis Cup win to late grandmother

A teary-eyed Andy Murray dedicated his hard-fought Davis Cup win over Leandro Riedi (6-7(7) 6-4 6-4) to his late grandmother. This dedication came on the same day as his funeral, which he had to miss in order to participate in the game.

In an earlier on-court interview with ex-tennis pro Naomi Broady, Murray shared a light-hearted anecdote about a Manchester fan who approached him with a peculiar “magic trick”. Describing the unexpected moment, Murray said: “A guy turned up and started telling jokes. He asked if I wanted to see a magic trick and pulled an orange out of his underpants. I wasn’t expecting it, it was a first for me. It looked like a decent orange, but I passed. I let him have it.”

The conversation took a sentimental turn when Broady mentioned “Grandma Pat,” a 90-year-old tennis enthusiast he was seeing live for the first time. Initially, Murray humorously considered offering his sweat-soaked T-shirt as a gift. But moments later, her emotions ran high as she revealed the significance of the day, remembering her grandmother. “Today is a hard day for me. Actually, today is my grandmother’s funeral. I’m sorry for my family that I can’t be there, but yes, grandma, this is for you,” expressed an emotional Murray.

After discussing the poignant situation with reporters, Murray revealed a conversation he had with his father before the game. “She said ‘she’d like you to play.’ She just said ‘make sure you win,’ so I did,” reflected the three-time Grand Slam champion.

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