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An intruder posing as a maintenance worker confronts an armed resident [VIDEO]

An intruder posing as a maintenance worker confronts an armed resident [VIDEO]

In a chilling incident that highlights the importance of the right to bear arms, a homeowner defended his property and possibly his life against an intruder dressed as a maintenance worker.

the incident

Late last week, in a quiet suburban neighborhood, an individual attempted to gain illegal access to a residence by posing as a maintenance worker. Dressed as a maintenance worker, the intruder approached the house hoping to exploit the unsuspecting homeowner.

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However, the resident, Ethan Rodriguez, sensed something was wrong, answered the doorbell remotely and told the intruder, Aaron Contreras, that he was not home. Contreras left for a few minutes only to return with another man and a gun. The two men tried to bang on the door several times. Rodriguez responded by grabbing his gun and firing several rounds. Contreras fired two shots and then took off. Contreras was caught by the authorities and arrested. He was charged with attempted robbery, aggravated assault and deadly conduct.

A cautionary tale

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential threats that individuals and families face in their own homes. It also highlights the role that personal protection and the right to bear arms can play in safeguarding the home and loved ones.

The Second Amendment in action

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For many conservatives, this incident reinforces the critical importance of the Second Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms allows citizens to defend themselves against threats, even as unpredictable and cunning as this one.

It also brings the debate about gun control and personal safety to the fore. While opponents of the Second Amendment call for more restrictions on gun ownership, advocates argue that it is precisely these types of situations where the personal possession of firearms proves its value.


The neighborhood’s swift action, backed by the constitutional right to bear arms, thwarted a violent crime.

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