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Amid Reports of James O’Keefe Being Ousted, Project Veritas Issues Statement

Amid Reports of James O’Keefe Being Ousted, Project Veritas Issues Statement

On Thursday, Project Veritas, the controversial conservative organization led by James O’Keefe, issued a statement in response to reports that O’Keefe was being ousted from the organization.

The statement, posted to the Project Veritas website, said that O’Keefe “is not being removed from the organization,” and that he “will remain in his current role as President and CEO.” The statement also noted that O’Keefe had been “instrumental in the growth of Project Veritas over the past 10 years.”

The statement comes after reports that O’Keefe had been ousted from the organization, which began to circulate on Wednesday. According to the reports, O’Keefe had been asked to step down as President and CEO of Project Veritas, and that he had refused to do so.

Project Veritas is a conservative organization that has been accused of using deceptive tactics to target its political opponents. The organization has been criticized for its tactics, which have included posing as journalists in order to gain access to private meetings and events.

In the statement, Project Veritas said that it is “committed to upholding the highest standards of truth and transparency in our reporting,” and that it “will continue to work to expose corruption and wrongdoing in all levels of government and society.”

The statement also noted that O’Keefe is an “invaluable asset” to the organization, and that he “will continue to lead Project Veritas in its mission to uncover the truth.”

The reports of O’Keefe’s ouster come at a time when the organization is facing increasing scrutiny. Last month, the organization was sued by the Democratic National Committee for its alleged role in the hacking of the DNC’s computer systems.

It remains to be seen how the reports of O’Keefe’s ouster will affect Project Veritas in the future. However, the organization’s statement makes it clear that O’Keefe will remain at the helm of the organization for the foreseeable future.

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