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Americans beware: Roving gangs of 13-17 year olds (guess the race) are killing old people…

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The next time you feel a wave of outrage over a crime, and a chorus of liberals come together to protect the bad guy with the excuse, “But he’s only 15…” kindly remember that the roving gangs of teenagers are actively killing old people. about the country That’s what happened recently in Philadelphia, another liberal-run city that has become a dumping ground for hopelessness and rising crime. A 15-year-old, along with several of his friends, tried to rob a couple and ended up murdering a 50-year-old man in cold blood.

The suspects name is Rasheed Banks and he was just captured.

Lately, there have been an increasing number of reports of these teenagers engaging in acts of assault, robbery and even murder. And it’s important to note that their targets aren’t just limited to older Americans. In Jacksonville, a 12-year-old boy beat his own brother to death. In Michigan high school honor student killed by 13- and 14-year-olds in carjacking.

These teen-related crimes have become an epidemic, so what’s going on?


Car thefts in the district have increased since the pandemic, particularly incidents involving teenagers. This has caused a sense of dread among some DC residents. “I’ve been to too many meetings where people are concerned about public safety,” Mayor Bowser said at a press conference in February about the rise in carjackings by young people. As for the carjackings, he said, “The fear and anxiety I feel for our residents, I haven’t felt it in a while.”

And while the data reflects an increase in car thefts (the D.C. police’s online car theft dashboard suggests incidents have nearly tripled since 2019), some criminal justice experts are urging caution in when interpreting these figures, saying that they do not represent a lack of control. youth delinquency spiral. Nor, they say, does the data paint a holistic picture of grief and the lack of community investment that are driving young people to act.

The truth is that we are a society that glorifies criminals and condemns the police and good Samaritans. What we are witnessing right now in America is the rise of the bully. As freelance journalist Mike Cernovich points out, staying vigilant is crucial at all times. It is essential to remember that appearances can be deceiving and that “youth” does not always equal innocence and goodness. The presence of these roving gangs is a real concern.

Fortunately, as we mentioned above, this pint-sized killer was caught by the US Marshals.


Rasheed Banks Jr. was captured Monday by U.S. Marshals in Camden, New Jersey, according to investigators.

He was wanted in the July 12 killing of Michael Salerno, 50, who was gunned down at 12th and Porter streets.

Investigators say Salerno was shot when three men attempted to carjack his vehicle. A friend was in the car.

“The offenders approached the vehicle and the offenders were aggressive and violent from the beginning,” Lt. Hamilton Marshmond said last month.

While trying to stop them, Salerno was shot in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Salerno was not inside the vehicle at the time of the robbery, police said.

It appears the suspects may have been looking for a target. Police say they were driving around the neighborhood in a Red Kia Soul with out-of-state plates.

There is a worrying trend of ‘mob attacks’ by teenagers, either against people in public spaces or inside shops where robberies and looting take place.

Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t seem likely to improve, especially with misguided “leaders” like the progressive bozo currently in charge in Chicago. The city’s new mayor seems more concerned with offending criminals than prosecuting them.

The New York Post:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson reportedly blasted a reporter for calling the rioting youth “too many,” insisting they were just “large gatherings” and that labeling the riots “mob action” was inappropriate

“This is not appropriate,” the newly minted mayor said in response to a reporter’s question about trends such as “mob actions” the city has experienced.

“We’re not talking about mob action. I didn’t say that,” Johnson shot back. “These big meetings … it’s important that we talk about these dynamics in an appropriate way.”

Hundreds of rioters flooded Chicago’s South Loop Sunday afternoon as teenagers took over the area for the second time in a few days and ransacked a local store, Fox News Digital reported.

The wisest approach to this nightmare situation is to stay vigilant and avoid writing someone off as “innocent” just because they’re young. There is a troubling trend of demonic behavior among America’s teenagers right now, so it is crucial for you and your family to be on your guard.



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