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AMA Says Taxpayers Should Pay To Have Men Implanted With A Uterus To Have Babies ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

AMA Says Taxpayers Should Pay To Have Men Implanted With A Uterus To Have Babies ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

The corrupt, left-wing American Medical Association is now recommending that the American taxpayer be forced to fund surgical procedures to implant a Uterus into men so they can have babies.

Again, showing that our so-called medical establishment is all about left-wing politics and not medicine or science, the AMA suggested that it might be possible to implant a woman’s uterus into a man so that he can carry a baby to term.

Leaving aside the improbability of the whole idea, one has to wonder how this experiment would not make liberals the worst hypocrites?

After all, if “men can be women,” then why would they need a dead woman’s uterus surgically implanted into them to have a baby? Surely if “men can be women” they wouldn’t need any sort of surgical procedure to have a baby?

I mean, if “men can be women,” they should be able to do anything a woman can do all on their own.

But, by having a doctor saying he would need the womb of a dead woman to make a man capable of becoming “pregnant,” isn’t that doctor admitting that a man is NOT a woman in the first place?

You know that it’s true.

Anyway, per the Daily Mail, we get this lunacy:

The American Medical Association (AMA) has suggested that taxpayers should subsidize uterus transplants worth up to $300,000 to help transgender women get pregnant.

Arguments were made to reduce the cost of the surgery in its Journal of Ethics issue in June titled Patient-Centered Transgender Surgical Care.

But the AMA has been criticized for floating the idea and has been accused of holding an ‘activist position’.

It argued that trans women’s inability to bear children may cause them to experience ‘psychological dissonance’ which undermines their health and well-being.

It comes as doctors pioneering uterus transplants believe they are on the verge of allowing transgender women to give birth to their own children.

The AMA says trans women who want to give birth can ‘plausibly justify’ the subsidy of uterus transplants which cost up to $300,000.

This is just lunatic fringe stuff. But it is coming from the supposed guardians of American medicine.

The AMA should be disbanded.

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