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All the news on TV is bullshit: The Donald – America First

The English was good, and while it’s a highly revisionist take on the Western genre, it wasn’t a bunch of wokeism like a lot of the stuff out there now.

The first few seasons of Gomorrah are highly recommended, if you don’t mind the subtitles, and they should be like a garlic wake-up call for the amount of Christianity and racism on display.

Legion, it may be weird, but it’s too weird to face awakening

Too Young to Die Old and Amsterdam Cowboy, but those two degenerate pretty quickly into WTF moments that might not be to everyone’s taste.

The Extension mentioned here was good, but the last season was a big pile of shit

The midnight mass was good, but might be sacrilegious to some

Gangs of London season one, but stay away from season two

Can’t go wrong with Justify or The Shield either.

Andor was actually a great show that doesn’t deserve to be used with the other Star Woke communities.

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