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Air Canada forces passengers to sit in vomit seats

Air Canada has publicly apologized for a shocking incident in which two passengers were removed from a Las Vegas-Montreal flight for refusing to sit in seats contaminated with vomit. According to passenger Susan Benson, the crew tried to mask the sickening smell with perfume and ground coffee.

In a Facebook post, Benson explained that someone had vomited on the seat during a previous flight, leading to the unpleasant situation. Despite placing coffee grounds and spraying perfume, the seat and seat belt remained wet with visible vomit residue.

To make matters worse, the pilot issued an ultimatum to the complaining passengers, warning them that they would be added to a no-fly list if they continued to complain. The passengers were subsequently escorted off the plane by security personnel.

Benson expressed her embarrassment over the incident, stating that she was “ashamed of being Canadian and of Air Canada.”

In response, Air Canada said passengers “clearly did not receive the level of care to which they were entitled.” The airline further stated that they are “reviewing this serious matter” and admitted that “operating procedures were not properly followed in this case”.

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