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AI program flags possible voter registration errors, intended to be used for voter registration maintenance |

A new artificial intelligence program that finds voter registration errors may be used for voter census maintenance, possibly replacing the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

Since last year, nine GOP-led states have dropped ERIC, a multistate voter data sharing organization that facilitates voter registration and voter census maintenance, amid concerns such as partisan influence, the rise of costs and the failure to address electoral fraud.

ERIC calls itself “the most effective tool available to help election officials maintain more accurate voter rolls and detect potential illegal voting.”

The organization’s executive director, Shane Hamlin, wrote in a March 2 open letter on ERIC’s website: “We are a member-led, member-driven organization. State election officials, our members, govern ERIC and finance our day-to-day operations through the payment of annual fees, which they set themselves.”

States that have left ERIC, such as Texas and Virginia, are looking for an alternative organization to help maintain voter registrations.


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