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AI is making it a lot easier for cybercriminals to steal your life savings |

Cyber ​​security experts have warned that countless people could lose their life savings in the coming years as advances in AI make it much easier for criminals to get their hands on people's money.

Marc Maisch, a lawyer who helps people recover lost savings after falling victim to cybercrime, warned in a recent interview with German newspaper Die Welt that there is a major crime wave on the horizon in which cybercriminals smart people could swindle millions of people out of their money. with the help of AI tools.

He explained: “AI is a great tool, but of course cybercriminals also use it to create phishing emails to get ChatGPT to write malicious code that can be used immediately. And we haven't even talked about deepfakes and voice phishing, that is, faces and voices are recreated.”

AI voice cloning scams are a growing concern of late, with new technology allowing thieves to clone the voices of people they target on social media so they can create fake calls in which they contact the victim's friends or family, impersonating the victim and claiming that they are in danger and need money or access to sensitive information immediately.


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