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Addressing age concerns, bringing older people together

First lady Dr. Jill Biden embarked on a campaign trail this week with a dual purpose: to drum up support for her husband's re-election from older voters and address concerns about his age. At an event in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Dr. Biden emphasized that elections are not about age, but about the character of the person leading the country. He described President Joe Biden as a healthy and wise 81-year-old man who is ready and willing to work tirelessly to improve the nation's future.

Dr. Biden's campaign tour will last three days and include stops in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Nevada and Arizona. The campaign is using its influence to build support among older voters, a demographic that has traditionally leaned Republican but has shown a shift toward President Biden in the current contest.

The first lady, who recently turned 73, is using her unique position to discuss the benefits of aging and appeal to this important voting bloc. She has also become an active surrogate for her husband's campaign, balancing her political activities with her White House duties and her role as a teacher.

Dr. Biden has also criticized former President Donald Trump as a threat to the life, security and future of the nation. She has openly criticized Trump's treatment of women and his stance on reproductive rights.

This week's campaign efforts coincide with the ongoing responsibilities of Dra. Biden as a key support system for his family, following the conviction of his son Hunter Biden on three gun charges. Despite the legal and emotional challenges, she has shown unwavering support for her son, demonstrating a public display of solidarity.

The First Lady's campaign tour is part of the “Seniors for Biden” initiative, aimed at bringing together voters 65 and older. Although Trump won this demographic by five percentage points in 2020, recent polls indicate a shift in support toward Biden. The campaign also focuses on strengthening Social Security and Medicare, lowering prescription drug costs and protecting democracy to appeal to older voters.

Dr. Biden's message to seniors is clear: age is not a defining factor, and underestimating them could be a mistake. The campaign is hosting several events, including pickleball tournaments, bingo games, pancake breakfasts and ice cream socials to mobilize older voters before the November election.


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