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Actor Rob Schneider isn’t expecting an apology from the hateful ‘covids’ after the US military finally bends the knee…

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Actor Rob Schneider responded to the US Army’s recent admission about heart problems and the vaccine. While he doesn’t foresee an apology from the COVID zealots who demonized anyone for being cautious and questioning this unproven hit, he’s glad the truth is finally coming out. However, if you dig deeper into the article, the government is still playing on the jab.

Rob’s tweet references the latest Epoch Times story where the military finally comes clean and at least admits that there was an increase in myocarditis after the COVID hit. However, it’s always worth reading beyond the headlines when it comes to anything our government says. The military is still trying to blame the myocarditis on COVID and not the vaccine, anything to protect those valuable mandates.

Eras (emphasis ours):

Cases of myocarditis soared among US service members in 2021 after vaccines against COVID-19 were launched, a senior Pentagon official has confirmed.

There were 275 cases of myocarditis in 2021, a 151 percent increase from the annual average from 2016 to 2020, according to Gilbert Cisneros Jr., Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, who confirmed the data disclosed by a whistleblower earlier this year.


The diagnosis data are from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database.

Mr. Cisneros provided the case rate per 100,000 person-years, a way to measure risk over a given period of time. In 2021, the rate was 69.8 among those with prior infection, compared with 21.7 among members who had been vaccinated.

“This suggests that it was more likely to be the case [COVID-19] the infection and not the vaccination against COVID-19 that was the cause,” Mr. Cisneros said.

COVID expert Dr. Peter McCullough believes, based on this admission and other studies, it was the vaccine.

Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and president of the McCullough Foundation, analyzed the newly revealed data.

“The large increase in myocarditis cases in our military in 2021 was most likely due to ill-advised vaccination against COVID-19,” he told The Epoch Times by email, pointing to an Israeli study that found no increase in myocarditis in patients with COVID-19.

A few other papers have found that COVID-19 vaccines increase the risk of myocarditis. COVID-19 has been linked elsewhere to myocarditis, although vaccines have never prevented the infection and have become increasingly ineffective against it.

The military encouraged vaccination against COVID-19 after US regulators approved the vaccines for use in late 2020. Military officials were among the first in the world to raise concerns about post-vaccination myocarditis, publishing an early case series of 22 previously healthy service members who developed myocarditis within four days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. US officials have since said that the vaccines definitely cause myocarditis.

It’s sad to say, but when it comes to COVID, many of us got better information from comics than from so-called “experts.”

Fortunately, whistleblowers eventually came forward and informed Senator Ron Johnson, who has been a leader in vaccine research, that the government’s data was wrong. This forced the government to come clean and admit that their data was “incomplete”.

Mr. Cisneros acknowledges that the data given to the senator is incomplete. It said the change came about because figures for December 2021 were not available when the corrected data was provided. There was a “lag of about three months” in the data, meaning the data was not available in February 2022, when officials provided Mr. Johnson corrected the data, said Mr. Cisneros.

Pentagon officials replicated the whistleblower’s analysis and found that the data “is similar” to the data the whistleblower sent Mr. Johnson, said Mr. Cisneros.

Military officials had not previously mentioned any data lag while communicating with Mr. Johnson or the public, and did not incorporate the available data when they sent him another missive in mid-2022.

“Without the whistleblower’s disclosure, I doubt the DOD would have ever acknowledged that it provided incomplete information to my office in February 2022 and again in July 2022,” Mr. Johnson.

He said the DOD had shown “a complete disregard for transparency” and urged officials to make clear whether it has investigated whether any of the medical conditions for which the diagnoses were increased are associated with vaccines.

Obviously, Mr. Cisneros has a vested interest in the perception that vaccine mandates are not the problem. The fact that they can’t verify the data or its integrity or explain how it was derived is a good indication that it can’t be trusted. It’s probably a much safer bet to trust the unbiased cardiologist more than a political hack.



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