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A desperately unhappy and reportedly estranged Harry was trying to negotiate a ceasefire with the royals

Things are really falling apart for Meghan and Harry. With failed deals and people calling them “damn con artists”, the humiliated couple are struggling to find their footing amid the Megxit explosion.

Reports are rife that Harry is already working on an exit strategy and is now reaching out to his estranged brother Prince William in an attempt to mend their relationship and “call a truce”.

From Radar Online:

Prince Harry is extending an olive branch to his estranged brother Prince William, asking for a second chance after calling for a ceasefire in their seemingly never-ending royal feud, has learned.

Harry revealed private details about his past feuds with William in his explosive memoir, alleging that during a spat about Meghan, his brother had physically attacked him in 2019.

Regardless of the public fallout with William, insiders said Harry is “secretly reaching out” to his estranged brother to get over his rift.

William was said to be “surprised” by the call, the National Enquirer reported.

The source said the royal family is likely to welcome him back with open arms. “Despite everything that’s happened, what would it be like if Charles said no?”

I’m sure the royal family will be more than happy to have Harry back in the fray. After all, this would be a great way for them to save face as well.

Now it’s only a matter of time before Harry is back with his family and free of Meghan.


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