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A conservative conversation with an annoying bot

Written by Lloyd Brown via,

According to the media, artificial intelligence (AI) is the best thing since sliced ​​bread. AI is so intelligent that some worry it could take over the world and rule humanity.

But skeptics have found AI chatbots to be more than a little lefty.

I recently argued with one over the well-worn liberal claim that conservatives are fascists, a notion that the left continues to spout even though Jonah Goldberg well refuted it in liberal fascism.

It was like pulling a tooth, but I got this crucial admission: “… conservatism and fascism are not the same thing.”

Here’s how the discussion went:

Me: What is the difference between socialism and fascism?

AI: Socialism and fascism are two different political ideologies, although there may be some overlap in their policies and practices. Socialism is a political and economic system where the means of production are commonly owned and controlled by the state, or by workers’ cooperatives, with the aim of achieving greater equality and reducing social inequalities. Socialism adopts the idea of ​​collective ownership and distribution of resources. Fascism, on the other hand, is a far-right authoritarian political system that puts the nation and its interests above everything else, including individual rights and freedoms. Fascism advocates a powerful government with a leader who has absolute power over the state and a strong military to maintain order and control. In short, socialism aims to achieve economic and social equality, while fascism prioritizes the interests of the nation and grants absolute power to the government.

Me: How can this be possible when the right, the conservatives, oppose big government? Isn’t what you said total nonsense and liberal propaganda?

AI: I apologize if my previous answer was unclear. He was trying to give an objective and neutral explanation of socialism and fascism. However, you are correct that conservatism is generally associated with small government and a free market economy, which contrasts with socialism. Conservatives generally believe in limited government intervention in the economy, low taxes, and individual freedom. Socialism, on the other hand, advocates greater government involvement in the economy and the redistribution of wealth to create a more equitable society. While there may be some similarities between socialist policies and conservative policies in terms of their emphasis on protecting the interests of ordinary people, their approaches to achieving these goals are quite different. Regarding your comment about “liberal propaganda”, it is important to recognize that political ideologies and perspectives can be influenced by a variety of factors, and it is important to seek diverse perspectives to form a more complete understanding of the issues.

Me: Conservatives value individual liberty, as you said. So if conservatives are right-wing, how is fascism right-wing if it puts the nation and its interests above all else? If the left, or liberals, are for big government, aren’t they the real fascists?

AI: Fascism is considered right-wing because of its authoritarian and nationalist tendencies. It is a political ideology that emphasizes the supreme authority of the state over individuals and groups, as well as the importance of the nation above all else. This means that individual freedoms and liberties are often suppressed in the name of national unity and power. However, it is important to note that conservatism and fascism are not the same thing. While conservatism values ​​individual liberty, it also places a high value on traditional values, limited government, and free-market capitalism. Fascism, on the other hand, aims to achieve power by authoritarian means and has a strong tendency towards anti-democratic and anti-individualistic policies. Also, the idea that the left or liberals are the real fascists is a common mistake. While some left-wing ideologies such as communism can be authoritarian, fascism is a distinctly right-wing ideology. It is important to avoid oversimplifying political ideologies and understand their complexities in order to have informed political discussions.

Notice that he was struggling with his answer at this point and was starting to ignore his own advice about “oversimplifying”.

Interestingly, at that exact moment, I got a warning that the “socket” had failed and was advised to reload the page. When I did the discussion it disappeared.

He intended to downplay the differences between fascism, socialism and communism, which the bot had already admitted had similarities, while continuing to insist that liberals were not fascists and that fascism was “right wing”.

We must remember that artificial intelligence is artificial. It is programmed and whoever writes the code is the master of their “thoughts”. My experience provides further evidence that the code is not bipartisan.

But he was smart enough to reject the far-left claim that conservatives are fascists.

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