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A classroom for cowards

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In a congressional hearing on December 5th, the presidents of some of our highest institutions of “learning” in the United States were testifying, including Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Claudine Gay of Harvard stated that “anti-Semitism is a symptom of ignorance.” However, when Congresswoman Stefanik asked a very simple question about whether student groups calling for “the genocide of the Jews” constituted a violation of Harvard's rules against bullying and harassment, Dr. Gay he stated, “It depends on the context.” When similarly pressed with the same question, UPenn President Liz Magill gave the same answer: “It depends on the context.” Both presidents dedicated themselves to “Ph.D. talk: “universities are dedicated to diversity and inclusion; make a safe space for each view; and for free speech…” When asked if student groups calling for the global death of Jews constituted harassment, both responded, “If the threats are carried out…” Perhaps they need to see and count the 1,400 murdered Israelis who were massacred during October 7th.

These “educators” have allowed radical students to paint swastikas on university buildings and ban Jews from classrooms; they have allowed campus gangs to march with signs that read, “From the river to the sea,” code for eliminating Israel; have allowed the teachers to sing: “There is a solution: the Intifada, the revolution!” They have allowed mixed people to spit and beat defenseless Jews on their campuses. However, no teacher has been dismissed from their position. No student groups have been banned from campuses and no students have been expelled.

These educators don't seem to have the education to know right from wrong or how to deal with it. Here's an example of something bad, something completely bad:

The experience of a 39-year-old man, at the October 7 music festival,th it was finally published this week by the media. He was an eyewitness as a young Israeli woman, who had “the face of an angel”, was repeatedly raped and beaten by a gang of 8 to 10 terrorists; until he shouted: “Stop it! I'm going to die anyway for what you're doing… just kill me!” The gang of terrorists laughed at her… and then shot her in the face. Another woman who was serially raped in the likewise, his head was chopped off with a shovel, while the terrorist burst out laughing again.These are the terrorists that college students, student groups, and tenured professors at America's best universities are giving support

One would think that such unspeakable and brutal acts of inhuman cruelty would gain profound moral clarity. However, we also have an administration in Washington DC that is as ambivalent about the evil of visceral terrorism toward Jews as our “best” educators are.

Immediately after October 7thth, President Biden pledged to support Israel and accepted its self-defense plans. Since then, this same embrace has been used to prevent Israel from defeating this evil.

As the Israel Defense Forces move through the maze of deadly Hamas mazes in Gaza, hoping to free more hostages, they are finding the terrorists are constantly taking up positions under mosques, hospitals and schools, an act that it goes against international rules. of the war However, President Biden's administration is demanding that Israel play by rules of engagement that are above international rules and are frankly impossible in the middle of an urban war zone.

The administration says it wants to send aid from Israel, but they are attaching conditions to the aid that would reduce Israel's fighting capacity. The administration says it wants the defeat of Hamas, while demanding that Israel allow aid shipments to Gaza, which could be used to rearm the terrorists. The Administration is echoing Hamas leaders, who are currently holed up in luxury hotels in Qatar, pressuring Israel to immediately consider another ceasefire, which would give Hamas time to reorganize…

And there is a larger scenario that demands moral clarity and courage needed for this moment that the Biden Administration never displays.

The financiers and planners of the atrocities of October 7th they are the Iranian Ayatollahs, the same ones who have been maiming and killing American troops in the Middle East for 45 years, the same Ayatollahs that this administration is afraid to appoint. It is Iran itself that funds and arms terrorist activities through 20 different proxies that surround every meter of Israel's borders, including Hezbollah, which has fired over 10,000 rockets into Israel since the massacre. Iran has directly attacked US troops 76 times across the Middle East and the Biden Administration's response is to offer to unfreeze another $10 billion so the Ayatollahs can be appeased … and they can further arm the proxies that our ally Israel is fighting.

Perhaps we are the ones who need some understanding: our educators exist on campuses where reality never exists. And these appeasing Democrats live and work in the most secure halls that modern technology has to offer and never suffer the kind of attacks that Israel and Jews face on American University campuses every day.

Or maybe it's time to tell those teachers something every American farmer knows: What you feed grows…

In the upcoming election of 2024, there is another simple truth that all these college democrats and politicians need to learn: America is not a country for cowards!


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