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A child dies in an aerobatic plane crash near Turin

A five-year-old girl lost her life when a military aerobatic plane crashed into her family’s vehicle. The aftermath sees the nine-year-old boy’s mother and older brother hospitalized for burns. The father, however, has received post-incident evaluations.

The event took place on Saturday afternoon 10 miles from Turin. Initial investigations by the Italian Air Force suggest the possibility that the plane encountered birds before its fatal descent. Remarkably, the plane had taken off from Turin Caselle airport moments before it alarmingly caught fire and crashed into a fence.

Eyewitness footage reveals a formation of nine planes before the crash. A plane descends dramatically, resulting in a fiery explosion. Moments before the catastrophe, the pilot managed to eject with a parachute, but suffered burns.

The doomed plane belonged to the Frecce Tricolori squadron, recognized as Italy’s leading aerobatic team. Its impending air display on Sunday was intended to commemorate the centenary of the Italian Air Force. Known for its impressive aerial maneuvers and patriotic smoke trails in the colors of the Italian flag.

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