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39% of Americans can’t sleep

39% of Americans can’t sleep

This Friday, March 17, World Sleep Day is celebrated, an annual event that aims to raise awareness of the importance of sleeping well.

The motto of this year’s campaign is “Sleep is essential for health.”

As Statista’s Anna Fleck reports, according to a study by the American College of Cardiology, Up to 8% of deaths from any cause could be attributed to “poor sleep patterns”. while those with healthier sleep habits are less likely to die prematurely.

Data from Statista Consumer Insights shows this in the United States, 39 percent of respondents said they had suffered from a sleep disorder (problems falling asleep or staying asleep, insomnia, etc.) during the 12 months prior to the survey.

You can find more infographics at Statista

Italians were among the worst sleepers in the survey with 48 percent reporting a sleep disorder. while India recorded a higher proportion of good sleepers, with only 26 percent suffering from poor sleep.

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