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2017 ‘Smoking Gun’ Report Revealed: The Russians Probably Didn’t Hack the DNC After All…

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Most of you will remember the big uproar at the DNC during the 2016 election. The emails from the DNC and Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta were released online by Wikileaks, causing quite a stir. The true origin and culprit who got their hands on the emails remains a mystery to this day, but our less-than-reliable intelligence community claims that it was the “Russians” who hacked the DNC and delivered assets to Julian Assange.

Assange, who normally refrains from discussing sources, was forced to refute intelligence claims that the Russians were the email providers. Assange claimed it wasn’t the Russians but someone “inside” the DNC.

Many believe the Wikileaks contact was Seth Rich, a disgruntled Bernie supporter and DNC staffer, who was furious that Hillary had “stolen” the primary from Bernie. He allegedly tried to retaliate by distributing the emails. Seth was later killed in DC, and his homicide remains very mysterious and unsolved.

So the intellectual community, which propagated the entire Russia hoax, continues to push this absurd narrative that the Russians hacked the DNC. However, a previously overlooked report from 2017 has come to light that challenged the “Russia theory”. The report comes from a group called VIPS, “Veteran Intel Professionals For Sanity.” These veteran intelligence professionals say that based on their research, the DNC email theft was not a hack at all, but an internal leak that did not involve Russia, precisely what we were told Julian Assange.

The Nation highlighted the VIPS report in 2017.

The nation:

A stunning new report reveals new information about the so-called 2016 Russian “hacking” of the DNC…

VIPS, formed in 2003 by a group of former US intelligence officers with decades of experience working in the CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies, previously produced some of the most credible and criticism of the mismanagement of the Bush administration. intelligence data in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The most recent VIPS memo, published on July 24, whatever its technical merits, contributes to a much-needed critical discussion. Although all the media coverage takes for granted the veracity of the ICA’s assessment, even now we are left with only the uncorroborated assertion of intelligence officials. He actually noticed that The News from New YorkScott Shane, who wrote the day the report appeared: “What is missing from the public report is … hard evidence to support the agencies’ claims that the Russian government engineered the election attack. … Instead, the agencies’ message is essentially “trust us.”

As editor of The Nation, my purpose in posting Patrick Lawrence’s article was to more widely publicize VIPS’ critique of the January ICA claims, the questions VIPS raised, and its counterargument that the leaked DNC emails result from a leak, not a hack. These questions remain vital.

The Nation goes on to mention that some of the article’s “conclusions” were presented as “facts” when they are actually opinions. This should come as no surprise to anyone; because stories like this are often willfully ignored and not fully investigated (like the DNC pipe bomb story), so we’re all left guessing and offering our opinions. If they investigated fully, we would probably find out that our “opinions” were actually “facts”.

The Nation editors themselves subsequently raised questions about the editorial process that preceded the publication of the article. The article was fact-checked to ensure that Patrick Lawrence, a regular Nation contributor, accurately reported the VIPS analysis and conclusions, which it did. As part of the editing process, however, we should have made sure that some of the article’s conclusions were presented as possibilities, not certainties. And given the technical complexity of the material, we would have benefited from engaging an independent expert to conduct a rigorous review of VIPS’s technical claims.

Without the “DNC Russia hacked” theory, the already shaky house of cards built around Russia’s deception would completely collapse, leaving Hillary, the media, and the Democratic Party nowhere to hide. Then they should begin to recognize a great deal of misconduct and criminal behavior. That’s probably why they tightly control information and make significant efforts to bury stories like this one from 2017. And they’ve done a good job. He probably didn’t even know a group called VIPS existed, investigated the DNC email scandal and concluded it wasn’t Russia, right?



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