World-Renowned Rapper Pitbull Discusses the Communist Takeover Unfolding Before Our Eyes

World-Renowned Rapper Pitbull Discusses the Communist Takeover Unfolding Before Our Eyes

It’s a positive sight when you actually see a celebrity who is not a tool for the elites.

In a viral podcast, American rapper Pitbull shared personal insight on what’s happening today smells like…..


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No matter how much the Fake News Media and Democrats will deny it, he’s on the money.

Pitbull is a 1st generation Cuban-American, so he knows firsthand what a Communist takeover smells like.

Here’s some footage from the podcast:

Finally, a celebrity who talks about the globalist agenda put into motion before our eyes.

Maybe this will actually wake up more people to stand up to the tyrannical politicians hellbent on destroying America.

And taking every last one of our freedoms.

Let’s hope more celebrities reveal themselves as not totally brainwashed or parrots of the establishment.

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Louder With Crowder commented on Pitbull’s warning:

The people most against communism are the ones who have suffered from it. Or if not them, their family. MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal is a Trump supporter. Rapper B-Real is, if I were to guess, not someone on our side politically. Yet they both share the same warnings because their family members had the same experience. Add “Mr. Worldwide” Pitbull to the list.

I’m not sure where this is from. It’s NSFW. Some it may sound a little nutty. I also don’t know what an Event 201 is, nor am I sure I want to. But the core of what he says he’s got locked up like Lindsey Lohan. As quickly as freedom can be given to you, it can be taken away.

What he says can be applied to a lot of things. He’s expressing his opinion about the lockdowns. To me, that can apply to Big Tech too. About how easily they can throttle your reach or straight-up deplatform you for saying something they don’t like. It’s one of the reasons we’re suing Facebook. Did you know we were suing Facebook? Because we’re suing Facebook.

Someone might think communism (or socialism) smells like caring and fairness. That may be how it’s presented by your favorite college professor or vapid congresswoman. They’re also the ones who plan to be in charge if we ever become an -ism country. People who have lived through it or have family who has almost ALWAYS have a different opinion of what the -isms actually are. Listen to their experiences.

Take it from someone who actually experienced and fled communism.

They know the warning signs.

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