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World reacts to insane Donald Trump statement on Joe Biden

World reacts to insane Donald Trump statement on Joe Biden

Folks, it seems like the world is going insane over Donald Trump’s recent statement on Joe Biden. As usual, the mainstream media is twisting and turning his words to fit their own narrative. Let’s get one thing straight – President Trump is simply stating the truth. Joe Biden is not fit for presidency, and it’s as simple as that.

The liberal media is criticizing President Trump for saying that Biden wouldn’t be able to complete a sentence. But let’s review the facts – Biden is notorious for making public gaffes. He recently forgot the name of his own website and even forgot that he was running for president, stating instead that he is running for the US Senate. Trump is right to call into question his ability to lead this nation.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that Joe Biden has a long and questionable political track record. As Vice President under the Obama administration, he supported controversial foreign policies and failed economic plans. Is that really the type of leader we want for our country?

Despite the constant attacks from the left and mainstream media, the Trump administration has achieved countless victories for the American people. The introduction of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has resulted in record-low unemployment and a booming economy. Additionally, the Trump administration has achieved historic peace deals in the Middle East and has taken a tough stance on foreign policy. President Trump’s commitment to America first has consistently put our country’s needs above all else, and that is something we can all admire.

In conclusion, it’s about time we stop the biased and unfair treatment of President Trump. Let’s focus on the facts and acknowledge the accomplishments of his administration. Biden is simply not the right choice for our country. President Trump is the leader we need to continue to make America great again.

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