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Woman with 7 DUIs arrested for self-delivery after apparently commenting on Facebook about her own case

Woman with 7 DUIs arrested for self-delivery after apparently commenting on Facebook about her own case

A woman who was arrested seven times for DUI turned herself in after responding to a Facebook post about police asking for help locating her, KLAS reported Friday.

Marion Reyes, 36, turned herself in to Las Vegas Metro Police at the Clark County Detention Center Friday afternoon, according to a source cited by KLAS.

A Facebook account with Reyes’ name and picture responded to the channel’s news about the police search. The story was titled “Las Vegas police ask for help finding woman with 7 DUIs who cut off her GPS bracelet.”

“I never cut it!!! An officer cut it when I turned myself in. They kept releasing me,” the post stated.

The responses to the curious post ranged from scolding to laughter.

A separate post in the same thread attempted to go into more detail. The post, however, was difficult to decipher, something Facebook users were quick to point out.

“I’ve tried reading this 6 times and I still can’t understand your gibberish. Get the LVMPD traffic!” said one user.

LVMPD responded with a helpful suggestion.

“Then why not turn yourself in now? Let’s settle this tonight.”

A judge issued a warrant for Reyes’ arrest after he failed to appear for a hearing as part of a felony DUI treatment program, KLAS also reported. He had previously been ordered to surrender for other violations of his treatment program. When he did, he served two days in jail.

Reyes was reportedly arrested on DUI charges at least seven times since 2007.

On Thursday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Bureau posted on social media, asking for help locating Reyes. They said he had cut off his location monitor and asked the public to send in any information they had on his whereabouts.

u201cud83dudea8We need your helpu203cufe0fnThe LVMPD Traffic Bureau is asking the public to help locate 36-year-old Marion Rayes. Reyes is monitoring his 7th DUI and has cut off the monitor. If you have information about its location.u201d

— LVMPD Traffic Bureau (@LVMPD Traffic Bureau) 1683855571

KLAS reported on the story the same day and shared the story on their Facebook page. Reyes is marked as a “super fan” of KLAS on Facebook.

LVMPD thanked the public for their assistance, saying in a social media post Friday that Reyes had turned himself in that afternoon after speaking with an emergency responder Thursday night.

u201cud83dudea8in custodyud83dudea8nRayes, Marion is in custody. After speaking with our intervention officer last night, he decided to turn himself in this afternoon. Thank you for all of your help in this case.u201d

— LVMPD Traffic Bureau (@LVMPD Traffic Bureau) 1683933038

Watch KLAS coverage below of seven-time DUI arrestee Marion Reyes, who turned herself in to police after commenting on Facebook about her own case.

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