Woman Screaming For Help is Abducted in Front of Men Who Simply Watch and Do Nothing at All – IOTW Report

About a year and a half ago I left the shop late and swung into the local gas station. I made my purchase and as I’m walking out there’s a black guy, holding an infant, violently swinging him around in an effort to keep him away from this you white girl. She’s screaming “Give me my baby”. So it’s 9:30 at night. The gas station faces out toward a big parking lot, beyond that a strip mall. Everything’s closed, the parking lot is vacant, not a sole in sight except the combatants. So I duck my head back through the door and tell the girl behind the register to call 911, tell them there’s a domestic dispute going on and there’s an infant involved. Dude was in a highly agitated state and I’d already made the decision not to go confront him. Here’s the amazing part. After I get through telling the cashier to call 911 I step back out side and there’s no less than 6 women filming this with their phones. It was like a children of the corn thing. They just appeared out of no where. I can tell you if you want the coppers to show up quick just mention the word infant.

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