Woke Vermont middle school has webinar with students and it’s more disturbing than you could imagine – IOTW Report

“This school is grooming MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS on the internet, and we have videos of it.

Watch as a 7th grader discusses coming out in 5th grade with the help of her school guidance counselor. “- Karlyn Borysenko

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It is simply overwhelming when viewed in its totality, and it’s clear that the school is not interested in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

The expertise of these counselors are that they are gay. That’s it. And this is all they think about. It consumes them, and in turn they want to impart this onto the children.

The children are in this domain, inescapably, for hours on end.

The webinar gave me the creeps. Why do so many gays become teachers?

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