Wisconsin Lawmakers Advance Bill to Stop Election Workers From Fixing Mistakes on Ballots – IOTW Report


Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are aiming to stop election workers from fixing mistakes on absentee ballots after the state Assembly’s Committee on Campaigns and Elections advanced a plan this week.

According to the proposal, Assembly Bill 198, only voters or their witnesses would be able to fix mistakes on ballots—and no one else. Republicans have said that ballot curing, the term used to describe the fixing of errors on ballots, can lead to fraud.

Election clerks must contact the voter or the witness if they made a mistake on their portion of the ballot. Then the voter or the witness would be asked to correct their respective mistakes, according to local media reports.

“Because [absentee voting] is a privilege, there’s got to be some responsibility that the voter has to exercise that privilege,” said state Rep. Donna Rozar, reported The Center Square. “And I think that responsibility is to do it right and legally.” read more

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