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While Schumer Decried ‘Dark Money’, PAC Tied to Him Raked In $81M from Secret Donors

While Schumer Decried ‘Dark Money’, PAC Tied to Him Raked In M from Secret Donors

Title: While Schumer Decried ‘Dark Money’, PAC Tied to Him Raked In $81M from Secret Donors


Debate surrounding the issue of “dark money” in politics has reached new heights in recent years, with politicians decrying the influence it wields over the democratic process. Senator Chuck Schumer, a prominent figure in the Democratic Party, has been a vocal critic of undisclosed donations undermining transparency in campaign finance. However, recent revelations have now raised questions about Schumer’s own ties to a Political Action Committee (PAC) that raked in a staggering $81 million from secret donors.

The Promise of Transparency

Senator Schumer has consistently portrayed himself as a champion for campaign finance reform, regularly voicing concerns about the role of undisclosed money in influencing the political landscape. In a 2019 op-ed for CNN, he criticized the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which allowed corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts in support of political candidates, arguing it gave rise to “dark money” that threatened to undermine democracy itself.

The Ties That Bind

Yet, recent reports reveal that a PAC closely tied to Schumer, known as Majority Forward, received an astronomical $81 million from undisclosed donors during the 2020 election cycle. A PAC acts as an intermediary between donors and political campaigns, often pouring vast sums of money into advertising, advocacy, and other initiatives aimed at influencing election outcomes.

While Schumer himself is not directly involved with Majority Forward, the PAC is undeniably connected to the senior senator from New York. The group was co-founded by J.B. Poersch, a former Schumer aide and long-time ally. Additionally, Schumer has reportedly played a significant role in fundraising efforts on behalf of the PAC, with some speculating that he has exerted influence over donor solicitation.

The Hypocrisy Unveiled

Critics argue that while Schumer portrays himself as a fighter against dark money, his involvement with a PAC that thrived on undisclosed donations raises serious concerns about his integrity. While there is no concrete evidence of impropriety or illegality, the optics of a politician decrying dark money while indirectly benefiting from it are troubling.

Schumer’s defenders contend that his association with Majority Forward does not contradict his position on campaign finance reform. They argue that, as a leader in the Democratic Party, Schumer’s primary aim is to win elections and that he must work within the existing campaign finance system to achieve that goal.

The Need for Reform

This revelation serves as a stark reminder that campaign finance reform remains an elusive goal in American politics. The ability of wealthy individuals and interest groups to wield significant influence over elections, shielded by the anonymity of dark money, erodes public confidence in the fairness of the electoral process. The lack of transparency only perpetuates the perception that American democracy is being determined behind closed doors.


The irony of Senator Chuck Schumer’s supposed fight against dark money while a PAC tied to him amassed a whopping $81 million from undisclosed donors is not lost on observers. Regardless of Schumer’s involvement or the legality of Majority Forward’s actions, this episode highlights an urgent need for comprehensive campaign finance reform to restore trust and integrity to the democratic process. Until meaningful changes are implemented, the influence of dark money will continue to overshadow the voice of the people.

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