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What is PragerU? Unpacking the dangerous right-wing media editor infiltrating Florida schools

On July 24, 2023, it was announced that educational materials produced by the right-wing media organization PragerU would be introduced into the Florida school curriculum, causing fears throughout the country that the light of the sun, which is kept under Ron DeSantis‘control, he had officially lost it. So what exactly is PragerU? And how bad are the educational cartoons he’s made? Spoiler: They’re pretty awful.

What is PragerU?

If you’re not familiar with PragerU, I want to start by apologizing, because I’m about to ruin your day. Founded by radio host Dennis Prager in 2009, PragerU is a right-wing media and advocacy organization that aims to create content that promotes conservative values. Five minute infographic image featuring the insufferable tastes of Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder explaining traditionalist talking points through a deceptive “educational” facade.

The videos, which regularly reaches millions of viewers, are disguised as a reasonable and balanced discussion of politics and ethics. However, over the years it has become clear that PragerU is desperate to promote the right-wing agenda, which is often co-opted by misogynists, white supremacists and of course climate change denialists

Some other highlights of his main channel include videos like The Top Five Issues Facing Black Americanswhich drives home the tired notion that black Americans are the ones being held back rather than by societal structures that rarely support or prioritize their minority groups.

Check out PragerU’s horrible educational cartoons that aim to brainwash children

Naturally, we were surprised to learn that the highly inflammatory PragerU had been approved as an educational vendor for Florida schools. But in Ron DeSantisincreasingly oppressive state, this should come as no surprise. The videos have been blowing up on TikTok for the past week and are downright terrifying, so watch with caution:


I got all of this by clicking on random PragerU Kids videos and going to a random part | #prayer #pragerukids #leftism #story #indoctrination

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♬ GIVE ME FREEDOM OR WE GIVE DEATH if it’s white – DK Pangis


Portrayal of Frederick Douglass in PragerU’s Slavery Video Called ‘Sickening’ #for your page #fyp #for you #wagnews #viral #trends #florida #schoolsflorida #schools #education #slavery #frederickdouglass #constitution #parents #parentsotiktok

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How do we begin to approach these? The first video opens with a historical account of the British occupation of India during the colonial era, implying that it was a positive move for the country. However, what is conventionally omitted is the extensive suffering endured by millions of individuals under the rule of the British Empire, along with the erasure of their culture and the oppression of their people. But hey, let’s not forget the good job the British did in bringing Christian and Western values ​​to India.

Without turning this into a history lesson, it is important to examine how this “educational material” will affect future generations, as well as further empower disinformation in the US, a disease that has spread quite effectively across the country. , partly thanks to the above. President Donald Trump. Another of the clips sees the renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass criticize the goals and methods of the present day. Black Lives Matter the movement, comparing it to those who held back the fight against the slave trade at the time by refusing to “compromise and, when they don’t get their way, set things on fire.”

The subtle racism, blatant propaganda, and total failure to separate church and state in PragerU’s content is incredibly troubling, especially considering it will be introduced into Florida schools.

with LGBTQIA+ Freedoms already under serious attack in the southern state, it is frightening to think that this may be just the beginning. It goes without saying that this type of content has no place in the educational system. It doesn’t approach the story through the lens of factual information and instead tries to drive it forward republican schedule Don’t even get me started on climate change denial.


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