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What in the name of dystopian censorship is this Google Tomfoolery? [VIDEOS]

What in the name of dystopian censorship is this Google Tomfoolery? [VIDEOS]

Google, in its supposed commitment to promoting so-called accurate information, has unveiled new tools designed to “strengthen” the fact-checking ecosystem. LaToya Drake of the Google News Initiative highlighted the tech giant’s advances (*cough DARPA), highlighting their relevance to journalists, fact-checkers and researchers.

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Google’s algorithms are designed to remove websites that criticize topics such as:

– Statistics of COVID-19
– the World Bank
– FBI crime statistics
– one world government
– global warming statistics provided by the International Panel on Climate Change based in Geneva, Switzerland
– the conclusions of the World Health Organization on any topic they select
– United Nations Energy Statistics Database (Carbon Emissions)
– Reports from the Environmental Protection Agency on greenhouse gases
– DeepSolar from Stanford University

These algorithms are Google’s last attempt to control the Internet before people around the world can no longer access it.

Google’s goal is to have a point of view for all the peasants of the world, Google calls it “Data Commons”.

Me Meme, then I am

He says Google’s flagship tool, the “Fact-Check Explorer,” provides an intuitive way to navigate and search through fact-checks from reputable global fact-checking organizations. Want to see if a conspiracy theory has been debunked? The great masters of technology are at your service.

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Meanwhile, the track record of “Conspiracy Theorists” looks much better than so-called “Authoritative Sources” such as the mainstream media and the legacy Big Tech companies that largely control the flow of information to the public …

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