What Happens When You Don’t Lock the Amazon Truck in a “Blue Neighborhood”? – IOTW Report

Willy used to come across as a stand-up guy… but this nonsense is too much.

It reminds of some guys I used to work with. I was friends with both of them, and they were friends. They used to talk guitars, and music, and wives and children, and had a good time together.

But Alan was Chip’s boss, and Alan got an ass-chewing from the EIC about some minor shit Chip did. Alan and Chip were mortal enemies from there on out.

I always thought it was sad.

That same EIC had chewed my ass many times and I told him to fuck off. We got along just fine, even with that nonsense. Alan had even chewed my ass a few times, and the second time I told him to get the fuck out of my office and eat shit. We are still friends.

I understand tense shit in the workplace.

I don’t quite understand it here.

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