Welcome to the John Martin Talks Episode…

Welcome to the John Martin Talks Episode…

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily they’re growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her ladies and gentlemen. It’s almost here. it is the day before the day before Christmas I guess and uh there’s still a bunch of things screwing around and we’ll talk a little bit about that, but let me wish you a Merry Christmas right off the top of the show and tell you also a little housekeeping thing we will. Not have a show on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, We may post a few things, but I wanna give our great staff here you wanna give Billy Bob the time off and of course, Gabe my producer, I teased him at Thanksgiving time when we took a few days off, he said he had to go home or his mother might kill well. I want my young friend to survive so uh so we’re definitely gonna take Thursday and Friday and we’re wishing you nothing but the mayor of Christmases from John Martin talks from my heart. All of you alright, we’re gonna get into a little bit different story today. It’s not really a major news item although in a sense it is cuz it kinda talks a little bit about 2020 in a sense of where we are right now as a nation and I’ll probably sprinkle some politics in it like little snowflakes uh cuz it is a political show and I try to be seriously entertaining, but the title is it’s from a Wall Street Journal, a piece of. Of days ago, actually, it says have Americans lost trust with each other. That’s the question that’s proposing in. essentially, they say yes and they’re talking about in general social trust and we’ll get into that. But before we go any further, we gotta talk about big daddy unlimited our sponsor, otherwise known as Btu. 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Show Why are Americans so distrustful of each other? This is from the Wall Street Journal and that’s a good question because I think they’re on to something here there is a lot less trust in general. now, we’re not really talking so much about trusting your neighbors so to speak, but that is a part of it. It’s basically a collective social trust in a nation in a government in the in society in general that they’re talking about here. And I think they make some pretty interesting points here so let’s get into it. Social trust the faith that strangers will abide by established norms is one of society’s most fundamental building blocks it underlies economic growth, political consensus and effective law enforcement. I agree with that 100%, that is very rare that I have a statement that I pretty much totally agree with and I do social trust is critical. They mention law enforcement. For instance, and we have seen that deteriorate rapidly over the past year, I mean when you start talking about defund the police, you know uh pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon, you know when do we want them right now? I mean these kind of things that have been happening when we’ve seen law enforcement officers being upon precincts being overrun, vehicles damaged and I’m not justifying any you know, police brutality or anything like that I do. Gets over dramatized, We’re not gonna get too deep into that, but if you don’t have so imagine trying to be a police officer or society when you don’t have basic social trust. Do you remember the uh video we played uh a few months back of the city Commissioner City Councilwoman I believe in uh in uh Minneapolis, I think it was that uh basically said that that if you get a if you call 911. At like 3 o’clock in the morning and your is being invaded, then expecting police to come was a sign of white privilege. You remember that I mean that just kinda popped in my head, but can you imagine trying to be a police officer in this great nation? If you don’t have basic social trust, I mean I think we saw the ultimate in distrust if you will or the ultimate uh reaction to it when we had that horrific video. Out in the LA where that the person went up to the police car and just shot the two police officers point blank in the head and ran off for for no apparent reason whatsoever when the protest wasn’t anything and thank God they both survived but that kinda shows about trust and if you think that I’m over traumatizing social trust and how it plays a role in your life every day just think about this, the best example I could come up with is driving a car Can you imagine? About how much trust you have to have with your fellow drivers to get behind the wheel of a car, I mean if you’re going on a two lane road and you’re both doing say sixty miles an hour and you’re coming right at each other, say at night or even during the day, there’s only about three feet of difference between you and pretty much a certain death and you see you have to basically trust that person is gonna stay in their lane until until you by you couldn’t drive a car without social trust. It’s not. You have to believe that basically people are gonna fundamentally obey the rules of the road while you’re out there and the same thing is true in society if you don’t have basic social trust, it’s pretty hard to leave the house and right now. we’re not leaving the house in a lot of places. So maybe I think it’s only gonna get worse based on what I’ve seen so far and go back to the article, it says. But social trust is difficult to restore what’s lost and the US is losing it. I don’t disagree with that either. We are definitely the fabric of society is coming apart. now, you could blame multiple different things about that my own personal opinion. Now, this covers a broad spectrum, but I actually believe that because we have strayed so far away from our founding principles, our founding documents like the Constitution and all that is one of the reasons why we don’t have any social trust because a lot of people are coming to this country are being born and raised like A. Battling ignorance and and at the on a daily that don’t even have a clue of what I’m talking about right now, they literally have no clue about the constitution and what it truly means. And so when you think about that, the one thing that used to bind us together as a nation was a basic belief in certain founding founding principles, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not the guarantee of you know inalienable rights. That’s a very big deal. We’ve grown more secular as uh as. Long before Donald Trump and everything like that long before that before I was ever even born, we’ve been we’ve basically becoming more of a secular society for at least the last 100 years or so, and when you don’t believe in an alienable rights that is fundamentally, it’s very difficult. It’s very difficult to have a common ground to discuss anything if you don’t if you believe that your rights are bestowed to you by the government or by man cuz then they can be simply. Taken away by a majority vote, you know the tyranny of the majority is real is absolutely real. We’re kinda seeing that right now, but if you don’t have a basic belief in something as fundamental as inevitable rights, which means God given, then there’s a not a whole lot for you to come together. It’s almost like you’re aliens from a different world, but with everything else is happening right now and like this election, let’s talk about it just a minute. One of the reasons why things are so chaotic and I’m not necessarily trying to blame Trump or Biden or we get into some of that as the thing goes on, you know I’m biased in that sense. I am a big I am a Trump Trump. I didn’t even know I was. I didn’t know I was a drag deplorable to other people told me, but I am definitely a drag a deplorable and without a doubt a Trump. so let me just put that out there in case you’re new to the show I admit my bias 100% but think about this. In order for you to say that there’s just no fraud whatsoever, no fraud and I’m not getting into deep about one thing or another. I’m just saying this blanket statement for you to come out and say there was absolutely no fraud in this election. It was crystal clear. Well, then you gotta have certain fundamental beliefs about what happened First of all you have to believe that if I came up to you on November 2nd, which is the day before the election, I told you hey, let me tell you tomorrow, November 3rd Donald Trump will get 10000000. Ten 10000000 more votes in twenty that he received in 2016 Are you telling me for a second, you would think that he would lose that election. I’m not saying he lost whatever not I’m not getting in any of that. at the moment, I’m simply saying that if you would have to believe that Donald Trump could get 10000000 more votes and lose, I don’t know how many people would have taken that bet at all and then the other thing is you have to believe that Joe Biden God help us if he becomes. Is the greatest candidate in their history, not only in United States, but quite possibly the world cuz think about this, he got Joe Biden Biden Joe hiding in his basement, got more votes than any president or any candidate in history. Now keep in mind. Donald Trump got more votes than any sitting president ever with the 10000000 more than he got in 2016, but Joe Biden up him if you believe all that and I’m not trying to get into debate about that at the moment we’ve debated. Quite a bit and we’ll be debating quite a bit more of that as this year closes out going into the next year, I promise you we’ll have plenty of time for that, but you have to believe that Joe Biden is not only the greatest candidate ever, but you’d have to believe that he has a more a deeper spiritual connection to Black America, for instance than Barack Obama could ever hope for cuz if you look at the actual numbers in certain precincts some of the major cities like Chicago. Detroit and Milwaukee and Philadelphia places like that Biden got more votes from black Americas that never even voted were eligible to vote, but never voted for Barack Obama. I’d kinda like it like Matt Gates said. Recently, I would love to have a conversation with someone if they actually exist that a black American say from Philadelphia and just I’m serious about this ask him if I could find one if you’re out there Chime in on Facebook I’ll respond to you as soon as I. Can and uh wherever you’re watching. I tried all these different social media stuff. Remember, recall TV. We’re now on there, we got our own channel there. I’m so excited about that, but I would love to hear from a black American that was enthusiastic enough about Barack Obama to get out and vote, but all of a sudden Joe Biden reached him and what was the message? I’d like That’s what was the message that Biden was was it simply arrangement Syndrome. I guess that could explain it, but there’s so many things you’d have to buy so many things you’d have to trust to believe what’s happening now. I say all that to say that if this article is. And I believe that their on to something here that man or man if we’re if we’ve gotten bad about social trust up to this point where we going from here, I mean it’s it’s pretty crazy to me, according to the General Social survey and the American National Election survey in the early 1970s, half of Americans said that most people can be trusted today that figure is less than one third. so you know, I say all that to say this too, you show me someone who. Trust anyone now we all know some people like this does not trust a soul. You show me somebody who doesn’t trust anyone at all and I’ll show you someone that absolutely cannot be trusted so be careful a recent pew and a recent Pew poll found that social trust declined sharply from generation to generation and they give it a good example here in 2018 around 29% of Americans over 65, said that most people can’t be trusted. It’s only just under 30% of Americans over 65, said. People can’t be trusted now I can guarantee you in some places like New York. That’s absolutely gone up cuz you know Cuomo got the great Governor of New York and maybe attorney General My God help us if that actually comes true or that would mean AB and you know how I feel about that. but Cuomo have you seen this was an actual sign that someone hung off an overpass in New York, You’re basically saying Cuomo killed my mom so if you’re over sixty. You would have no trust whatsoever really in governors like Mario Cuomo. Now, this is a guy that that literally I’m not. I can’t even I can’t make this up hang on one second. Cuomo literally wrote a book about how well he did handling the Corona virus in New York. I mean, and so they’re asking us to trust back to this. so it says 29% of Americans over 65, said most people can’t be trusted while 60% of Americans eighteen to 29, say that most people can’t be trusted. now, I’d say there’s Ronnie Reagan, he tells you flat out that uh you know. But verify so I would I would say to these young people. I get you on young people young people in general are not too trustworthy of the man right. they don’t even know who the man is. They’re not too trustworthy. I think that’s kinda built into us cuz one of the things about it. I tell people all the time if you’re a parent out there and you’ve got like a fifteen year-old kid to understand this you’re getting dumber by the minute you are getting dumber by the minute cuz once a kid turns like adolescent teenager parents get dumber. Day It’s not till they get close to it. They’re like 26 maybe up to thirty you start getting smarter than you know uh and that’s just that’s probably the way it’s always been but uh I tell young people listen to Ronald Reagan Trust but verify absolutely recent research suggest that social trust levels Arden with aid. This is interesting, meaning that trust will continue to fall as trusting generations are replaced by mistrust ones. that’s kinda. If you think about it cuz this is really frightening to me what if I’m reading this correctly, they’re saying that as trust builds as distrust builds up social distrust that it’s only gonna get worse. It’s kind of a snowballing effect so that if you don’t trust now, you know you’re gonna trust even less as you get older, I don’t know that that’s kinda and when you think about what is excuse me, what is happening in our. School systems right now I thank God here in Florida our school systems have been opened up really this uh since the fall and some of them have varied some of them have actually closed down early for uh Christmas vacation. They’re all on Christmas vacation right now, but Florida has tried its best to stay open places like California and places like New York, especially New York City, but the whole state of California’s I understand has been pretty much closed for going on a year now. The middle of last school year all the way through beginning of this so your first semester is basically over how is that gonna affect these kids? I really am I’m very concerned about the effect that closing of our school systems is going to have on our nation moving forward. I really it really am and and the damn there’s definitely been damage how much we’ll see I know the longer they’re closed the worst it’s gonna get cuz it’s not just the education. Like the fundamentals, reading, writing and arithmetic, I guess the only good news if there is some course they’re doing this through uh the internet as well but uh maybe they’re not getting brainwashed like they have been here. You know a side note. I had a listener and you know who you are, She listens all the time chimed in on Facebook and said something that I find just shocking. I believe her absolutely believe her. but she said that one of her teacher, one of the school teacher, told I wanna say it was her granddaughter been a niece so don’t hold me to that, said that the teacher literally said that Donald Trump. Bought Melanie another word she was like a male order bride Well, not only is that a lie a terrible lie, but it’s so far from the truth is just to be pathetic because Melania they talk about like you know women’s issues. Melania has never ever gotten a credit she deserves for being a great first lady and a and a tremendous role model to young girls women in General Americans in general, I mean, here’s a woman who was in her own right. She was in fact after all she was Melania, you know. When Trump met her, she was already a known entity, I knew about Melania long before Donald Trump, You know started court or whatever I mean I remember when she first came on the scene, she was a dazzling man. She was a multi-million dollar successful but my point I don’t need to get too deep in her anyway. First of all, she has not gotten near the credit she deserved period no matter what but for a school teacher to actually say something like that in class, it’s just So we’re getting a doctorate, but it’s frightening to me what’s happening in our school systems because can you? How our kids are gonna be, and as I say it’s not just the reading writing and it’s the social uh socializing and all of that. I mean our kids now are growing up watching their parents. just watch it wear a mask that kind of thing I mean, and you see these little kids who aren’t really necessarily supposed to be wearing mask. I saw a vehicle that really broke my heart. the other day. there was a kind of a UV vehicle and it had it looked to me like it was a family because it look like it had a husband and wife and there were two kids in the back they were in their car. And they were all wearing mask in their car and I don’t know about you, but I have seen no science that tells me that is needed in a car first of all young children really don’t need to be wearing them from what I hear, but there are family unit in isolated vehicle all wearing mask. I guess the only thing good about they weren’t all on the cellphone talking to somebody else but uh here’s something that’s gonna be interesting. Talk about studies really gonna be interesting to see that let’s just say they could. To keep the schools closed in places like California and they continue to have them open in places like Florida. What is the difference going to be between the kids? Are we gonna be able to see a definitive difference between kids that were raised in uh in where they had the schools open versus those that were closed. That would be a very interesting study and somebody’s probably already studying it now it just concerns me what’s happening or not happening in the school, striking the US. Is the only established democracy to see a major decline in social trust. This is this is interesting. I don’t know if this if I agree with all of this or not but I’m just gonna for the sake of this conversation assume that what they’re saying is research correct striking in the US is the only established democracy We’re republic by the way to see a major decline and that’s no small potatoes and I’m gonna get into that just a minute cuz they’re comparing us to socialist Democratic. Socialist There is no comparison between the United States and really any other nation on earth tracking the US for multiple reasons in the US is to only establish democracy democracy to see a major decline in social trust in other nations. The trend was in the opposite direction and they give some examples from 1998 to 2014 Social trust increased in Sweden from 56.5% to 67% in Australia from 40% to. Four. 4% and in Germany from thirty-two to to 42%, Meanwhile, the US is becoming more like Brazil where trust is around 5% and we’re better than that. but uh so what makes America unique well, first of all as I just said a minute ago, no country really compares to the United States. I mean you look at the size of us the diversity of us how we were founded the structure of our of our government. With the US constitution, which by the way limits government, I can’t say this enough the US constitution is not was not has not been is not designed to empower government. most constitutions are if you look at other and I don’t have uh a sweets in front of me, but I’ve I pretty much would guarantee if you look at their constitution, It is all about saying what the powers of government are the US Constitution. Really doesn’t do that the US constitution is designed to protect the rights of the individual from the overreach of government so it limits the power of government not empowers it. There’s a big part, but you know as far as our country. Why are we uh so different than uh maybe some of these other countries now there’s multiple reasons. But one of them, I think this is just my opinion. It’s opinion a fact I believe nonetheless and don’t just uh Facebook knows this is my opinion, okay Part of it could be the way we view govern I’m talking about inside America American citizens how we view government cuz clearly and it’s more complex than this, but I’m gonna basically break it down There is a group of people. I think the Tea party represented this the tea party movement that believe that. Government should be limited in its power and that government is not the solution. In fact, there are many people that were part of the Tea Party movement and they kinda morphed into the uh the Trump movement. the movement that believe that government is actually in the way and hampers their ability for for their Liberty and the pursuit of happiness and there’s another group of people. It’s could be it could be smaller but keep in mind. There’s quite a few people that just indifferent and those that scares me more than anything but they. That government is the solution to the problem and and that is fun. I can’t over emphasize how different you will view the world and what’s happening in our own country depending on whether you view the constitution as empowering the government are preventing the government from the overreach and taking your god-given rights. Those are very opposite sides of a coin only opposite 180° apart and just about Donald Trump. Minute. I wanna throw they don’t mention him in here they kind of allude to it in a way, but they don’t mention specific political fears, but I’m gonna mention Donald Trump. I’ve said this before, but if I say it bears repeating a lot of people don’t understand Donald Trump and I’m not getting into all this. The Trump arrangement syndrome and lies and all that kind of stuff, but let me just tell you what I’ve learned in life. I’ve learned that in order to understand someone you have to understand. Some type of core fundamental place they’re coming from because a lot of times if you don’t you can’t figure out why they did this versus this and especially political people, you gotta find unfortunately quite a few political people don’t seem to have any core beliefs and that’s part of the problem, But Donald Trump is example, I believe that at Donald Trump’s core belief comes from his experience as a businessman and thus everything that that he politically cuz he’s not a politician and he did as a president comes from that belief. And so what does that mean as far as how he acted as president? Well? I believe you know like Obama, let’s say Obama had that slogan hope and change hope and change Donald Trump actually believes in hope, but he believes in giving you change you can spend cuz the way Trump is and people like Francis, they question how could evangelicals love Donald Trump because he’s immoral and I’m not saying he didn’t, but are is or whatever. I’m just saying. That’s what you hear a lot and there’s a it’s perplex Donald Trump’s not overly religious guy. You know, I don’t wanna speak for a moment, but he wasn’t really a name. Angelo Christian. It didn’t seem to be. He didn’t really run in those tight knit circles from what I could see, but I believe that believe that one of the reasons evangelicals believe in Donald Trump is because he lets them be who they are. He doesn’t try to uh you know, put his hand government hands upon him. Christians and other religions by the way be who they are that gets back to the core belief I think Donald Trump. If he can if he can govern in such a way that he puts money in your pocket, builds it. That’s why he talks about the economy. A lot builds the economy if you have money in your pocket, if you feel like you’re putting bread on the table, that’s why this pandemic this is hurting so bad both mentally spiritually and obviously politically, but I believe that Donald Trump at his core believed that if you are making money if you’re fat and happy so to speak if you can have life liberty in the pursuit of happiness that you can figure everything. Outside on your own, you can figure your religious faith out you don’t need him to tell you can figure your sexual identity or whatever you don’t need him to tell you can be free to be who you want to be. but see a lot of people don’t understand that and they want government to kinda dictate that to pick winners and losers both economically and socially and everything else. I mean, think about it, ladies and gentlemen, we’re now in the process of getting this vaccination. I’m not getting into the merits of it one way or another first of all. Thank you Donald. If you believe in a vaccination at all, you should thank the president, no matter who you voted for but Tucker Carson did an excellent series of shows on this over the past week and he talked about how the virus now is being looked at through the color lens and and they’re actually actually deciding who to give vaccinations to based on the color of their skin and there’s a lot of evidence of that well. Destroying social trust to actually do that is gonna destroy social trust and it was a guest on his show, and it really hit me when this person said, I can’t remember the gentleman’s name, but it really hit Tucker and it really hit me when this person said this think about the worst case scenario if they continue to give out the vaccine vaccine based on color what it and I’m not wishing for this. I’m not wishing advocate even predicting this, but what if something actually happens negative. About it, what if there is a negative reaction, What do you think is going to happen? then are you going? Don’t you think they’re gonna say that the government because there’s a history of this is actually trying to destroy people using science or medicine to just experiment with people of color. I mean, if like I say, God help us, I don’t want that to happen. I pray that it doesn’t happen but if it does, I mean that’s what the risk they’re running by doing this. So there’s so many ways that we’re separating ourselves, but I believe you gotta understand Donald Trump. Social science research has found that three important factors behind a country’s level of social trust are corruption ethnic segregation and economic inequality each of these plays some role in the US yet none seems to fully explain our loss of trust so corruption you know uh unification so to speak of uh. Ethnicity, which you know the United States is the most ethnically diverse place on the planet. So if that’s a deciding factor, it’s definitely working against it, says here the large difference in social trust between Sweden and Brazil as they’re like opposite ends of the spectrum correlates with levels of corruption on the world Bank ranking or countries affect us at controlling corruption. Sweden is near the top in a 98% while Brazil is in the forty-second Brazil Unfortunately is one of the most corrupt nations on the planet. Pretty much everybody knows that. The US is in between at the eighty-fourth 84%, but that ranking didn’t change much between 1996 when measurements began in 2016, even as social trust in the US declined. so you know there’s a certain amount of corruption. I think we uh I heard somebody talk about this about the election. There’s a certain amount of uh corruption that we just accept that there are gonna be dead. People voting. No one is shocked about that. there’s jokes about that. Everything else Dead people voting you know there’s always the idea that the illegal immigrants are voting and heck they’re given the right to vote in some places, but uh I think part of it is censorship as well because now we’re not being told the truth. We’re not only are we not being told the truth. We’re not being given the opportunity to discern truth. from fact, I have to put this out. I think it’s a pretty funny meme. You know it comes from a song by the way if you don’t know, which one but Biden and he just. Like me, but I think if you look at what’s happening with this under Biden and Joe Biden situation, the fact that you had social media and the mainstream media was complicit in this literally hide the story squeals the story and and when it popped up basic say it was Russian disinformation, which they all knew was a lie, so they not only did they keep the truth from coming out, but they told a flat-out lie. And now Biden is on the verge God help us of being president and you go back and look at some of the polling that shows that how many people about half the Democrats said they didn’t know like 48% didn’t know anything about the Hunter Biden story and you know about 10% 8% of of them, if you double up, that’s a big percentage, said that would have changed the way they vote. So there’s no wonder they held that back so the problem I have with censorship in general, you know I got a problem, but they’re not allowing. US to I mean Facebook is doing this on a daily basis All difference to algorithm they they won’t allow us the opportunity to make our own decisions to decide to read something and have the capability of thinking which is the different you know, which is true and which is not they keep us from sin to me. I’m not afraid of this information. I’m really not. I’m not it. don’t misunderstand me, but I really believe that I’m capable of separating as they. Wheat from the chair and the the lack of battling ignorance and apathy on a daily basis, and that’s only gonna get worse like I said about our school system. so I do believe that censorship and social media and media in general is playing a basic role in the distrust growing distrust of our society International data also show that increasing ethnic diversity can lower social trust. That’s interesting when you think about how diverse we really are and we have been for a long time and growing more. So, in fact some research. That the negative relationship between diversity and trust is stronger in the US than almost any other country. I don’t know if I totally agree with that but to me the diversity we focus on all the wrong things when it comes to diversity like somehow diversity of skin color is the beginning and end to me the only real diversity that matters is the diversity of thought and I encourage as much. Of thought that’s why we need freedom of speech. I don’t you don’t have to agree with me all the time you probably should, but you don’t have to but diversity of thought I don’t really care about diversity of color. I don’t and so one of the things that’s troubling to me and this is going on long before Biden and uh who are kinda about Biden cuz he’d been around forever, but before Trump when they start looking at the color of skin of someone for a position that somehow you gotta be like uh you know a McDonald’s commercial from the 80s or you gotta make sure you have. All that and that’s when I first really started noticing and I’m not opposed to you know being somewhat sensitive to that. but if we’re gonna live up to doctor King’s dream, then we have to judge people based on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin because the constitution ladies and gentlemen is one thing we used to agree on and it it’s color blind. Now I understand the three four you know I get all that. alright, we’re imperfect. Always have been the constitution was at the end of the day as greater document as it is was written by men so the main thing we need to do. ladies and gentlemen is not rewrite the constitution like this Meme says. We need to reread it and understand it and don’t it’s not even being taught in our schools. It’s just sad man but as back to this article, check my time doing pretty good. Yeah. I’m doing alright but as trust the have dug deeper, they found that this negative is largely correlated with not not with diversity in but with segregation when ethnic groups are. In small geographical areas have little than a distrust sinks, so I can tell you that in my little town of Hawthorne, we’re about fifty black and white residents and we have been long before I was born. We had some great leadership. Overall. I love my little town and we’ve been forced and we’re a little southern town and we were forced to kinda get along and go along with each other and it’s uh it’s pretty good but uh I mean I don’t know check my time and time is moving. Fast on so I wanna skip down a little bit. I’m gonna go down this is the rising inequality likely contributed to the decline of social trust over the same period, United States but 2007 mark the peak of inequality in the US the next year it dropped due to the financial crisis and is not exceeded 2007 levels seven levels. I’m sorry since yet Social trust continues to decline this maybe because because the of inequality has increased. Even as the actual level of inequality remain high and stable, so basically they’ve been lying to us to us from the beginning, they’ve been lying to us about all of these things and the reason why social trust continues to go up is because of things like I’ve said the new mantra of the Democratic Party America sucks. I mean if you hear that message over and over, I mean the way I say it America sucks. This is the message I heard in the 2020 campaign from the Democrats, America sucks. Always sucked and it sucks for some more than others and if you elect us, we’ll make it suck for everybody. equally, I wanna cut chase all the way down here to uh to kind of the end of this article by the way is Wall Street Journal. Check it out. Let me give you the title of it cuz it’s very LinkedIn. We’re not gonna get through all of it. Obviously today. let me give you this title very quickly again. Why are Americans so distrustful of each other from the Wall Street Journal and I’m gonna skip all the way down here to the end of it cuz I wanna make a point before we run out of time. Alright, so we’re gonna skip all the way pretty much to to this last paragraph in Sweden, which has one of the lowest post fiscal levels of inequality in the world. There is much greater support for welfare policies than in the US arguably that’s because Americans are far more likely than to think that recipients of economic transfers don’t deserve them are will misuse them. I get what they’re saying. But I think the problem that we’re having of not trusting each other in this country is because we are on the opposite sides of the road so to speak, we don’t believe in our fundamental founding documents anymore as if we don’t agree in cuz rugged individualism I love rugged individualism. I think it’s actually because of rugged individualism that the difference between our society. We’re built, we’re losing trust. Because we there’s a group of us people like myself that believe in this country was founded by rugged individuals and we want to be that we insist upon being that I don’t wanna be part of the of the collective. I don’t I wanna be. I don’t I wanna be a citizen of the United States of America, not a citizen of the realm and I love competition myself. I mean I just recently uh I believe competition makes you better. I know it makes me a better fisherman. I just want a jackpot. I’ve shown you pictures of it. I just one of the biggest jackpots I’ve ever won with those two fish right there about a twenty pound gag grouper and about a nine pound mangrove snapper, but think about that ladies and gentlemen, our country was founded by rugged individuals. man. I mean, take a look at for instance, think about the um the pioneering spirit those tiny boats always talk about if you’ve seen have you ever seen a replica. That’s a replica of one of the boats that Christopher Columbus sailed across to discover the new world. Can you imagine getting on that? How about the forty? That essentially founded California, you know the big rush to go rush to go out West. Can you imagine looking at the rocky mountains for the first time and saying we gotta get over that? I mean think about what it took to overcome some of these things. This is the and and these people you know, I believe that I’m offspring of these types of people and so I really believe that uh that rugged individualism and belief in the founding documents of the of our constitution and the fact that so many. Believe otherwise is really at the core of why why we have a distrust in our country. so I as I say I want you to read this whole article if you can from the Wall Street Journal, it’s pretty interesting but I’m running out of time, so I wanna go all the way down to uh to the end of the story. Let my producer know because I’m gonna read this last part and then we’ll get out, says if our leaders can diffuse this hostility rather than creating the oppression. That were on the brink of civil war Americans may find it easier to develop clear expectations and norms for how people should behave rather than anticipating that their fellow citizens will deceive our oppress them. This is from the Wall Street Journal. I would tell you right now we’re being deceived and oppressed on a daily basis. I I mean, look at what the is refusing to take up the cause even listening to the case, jerking their uh their uh constitutional responsibility. No investigation. How about you know the rats as I tell you won’t convict the rats out of. One right in God we trust we’ve gotten away from that. I wanna play you two videos and this is the end of the show and let me before we end it say Merry Christmas to you all but this first video is of John F Kennedy, a Democrat at his inauguration asking that famous question. check it out. Oh my fellow Americans ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. Perhaps ladies and gentlemen, if we ask that question right there that JFK said, Forget his politics, Whatever you wanna say I’m just saying what the man said We’d be a better nation but now Democrats have given us. We’re on the verge of electing Joe Biden to President God help us and listen to what he said, just a couple of months ago, Check it out. They’re probably anywhere from ten to 15% of people out there that just not very good people, but that’s not who we are tens trying to think about that. ladies and gentlemen, we got what 350000000 people ten to 15% of the American people. This could be the next president of the United States. God help us telling you that you’re just bad people, which is about how many people voted for Trump actually a little bit more think about that. We’re on the verge of how much have we changed how you gonna have public trust anyway I could go on and on about it. Hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to. On behalf of us all here at J Mt Merry Christmas to you whatever you’re celebrating more power to you. Remember, there’s not gonna be a show on Thursday or Friday. We’re gonna take time to spend with our families as well. I appreciate you watching. I’ll pray for your family You pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation our president. They absolutely deserve it but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours. Have a blessed day.

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