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Weed = legal, tobacco = illegal??? 🀑🌎 – The Donald – America First

Weed = legal, tobacco = illegal???  🀑🌎 – The Donald – America First

Tobacco is a substance that has positive benefits for society. Sure, it can cause cancer and cause horrible rancid breath, but without tobacco, most infrastructure doesn’t get built in this country. I’ve built bridges, houses, worked with many different tradesmen, and most of them smoked or chewed. Electricians are much more likely not to use tobacco, as their jobs are not as physically demanding. They are also the least dirty and sweaty. Don’t mistake this for linemen, these guys are tough.

Go to any civil works site and more guys will be using tobacco than not. Maybe the younger generations are changing, but all the old people were smoking and drinking beer, rarely seen drinking water, it’s really amazing. He worked with a Mexican carpenter who put out over 20 beers a night, every night. One of the best workers I have ever met.

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