We just flipped our school board!!! – The Donald

We just flipped our school board!!! – The Donald

I rarely post, but I’ve been an everyday reader since 2016. Over the last year I got involved with the local school board and after discovering all the same corruption and leftist bullshit we’re seeing everywhere national happening in our small town, I recruited MAGA minded candidates for the school board, helped run their campaigns and tonight we replaced all 3 leftist incumbents with god fearing, patriotic, CRT hating Americans. I became a huge target of the leftist attacks in the local area but tonight it all paid off. If you haven’t already, get involved at the local level. In a lot of ways it sucks, but it has to be done. No one else is coming to save you but you!

Edit: Damn, my first sticky! I’m so happy. Thanks Mods! Perfect ending to a perfect night!

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