‘We Are NOT Your Lab Rats’ – IOTW Report

Liberty Sentinel

By Anthea Pollock

Africans are getting tired of Bill Gates using the children of their continent as “lab rats,” especially after his polio vaccines unleashed disaster.

As the World Health Organization’s (WHO) largest donor, partnered with the wealth and power to censor international media coverage, is it any surprise that tech billionaire Bill Gates has succeeded in using poverty-stricken African villagers as guinea pigs for his foundation’s vaccine research and development programs? 

In an article published in 2016 by U.S. political magazine CounterPunch, Professor Patrick Bond, a political economist who’d been in Nelson Mandela’s government, described  the Gates Foundation’s unseemly business philanthropic practices and agenda, as “ruthless and immoral.”  Professor Bond is also on record saying,

Gates’ influence is so pervasive that many actors in international development, which would otherwise critique the policy and practice of the foundation, are unable to speak out independently -as a result of its funding and patronage,” Bond warned.

The fact remains, Gates managed to get away with massively administering a liquid oral Polio vaccine to populations of Africans – despite the near absence of any cases of “wild Polio.”  In 2016, the Foundation launched a $4 billion ten year African campaign to fight Polio using their liquid oral vaccine – with disastrous consequences.  more here

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