Way In Over Her Head

Not only do we miss President Trump…

We miss Kayleigh McEnany as well!

McEnany was as fierce, prepared, and well-spoken press secretary as they come!

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Jen Psaki, on the other hand…

Well, let’s just say that Psaki was the perfect fit for Joe Biden, who many think is in cognitive decline.

On many occasions, Psaki appears at a loss for words.

Surprisingly, she even seems caught off guard by a lot of the questions.

When she tries to fumble her way through an answer, she also showcases her lack of understanding on the topic.

See the hilarious compilation videos below:

Here is a bonus clip of Psaki repeatedly saying she will “circle back” to the question…


Because she doesn’t know the answer!

Many social media users have already noticed Psaki’s apparent incompetence.

And we’re not even a month into the Biden presidency!

Compare Psaki’s lackluster performance to McEnany, who came to press briefings with a massive, well-organized binder.

Business Insider confirms that a press photographer was able to snag a picture of McEnany’s incredibly organized notes:

The White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, is able to run through a marathon of topics quickly during press briefings — sometimes moving so efficiently that the inquiring minds of the press often defer to their colleagues to ask their question again.

McEnany, the fourth press secretary during Donald Trump’s presidency, averages roughly 20 to 30 minutes per briefing. That’s barely enough time to explain the Trump administration’s clear stance on “BLM,” let alone “CHINA.”

The questions sometimes require McEnany to consult her notes, a binder of topics ranging from “ABSURD” to “WINS.”

Just like her predecessors, McEnany has a binder full of (notes about) women, countries, government agencies, and other topics pertaining to US interests.

As she can often be seen flipping through the alphabetized binder during her briefings, the Reuters photographer Jonathan Ernst snapped these photos on Thursday that give insight into what the White House plans to tell reporters — or what it thinks they’ll ask.

Perhaps Psaki should have taken notes from McEnany.

While the media treated McEnany horribly, it’s quite clear that McEnany was the professional and prepared press secretary.

Meanwhile, Psaki appears like a clueless intern, which is unironically well-suited for Biden himself.

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