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WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Goes Berserk Over Trump Exoneration, Suggests First Amendment Be Repealed: ‘Should Be Illegal’

Good evening, friends. Another day, another unhinged rant from the left. This time it comes from the ever-classy Whoopi Goldberg, who apparently believes that the First Amendment should be repealed because President Trump was exonerated. This is simply absurd.

Goldberg went berserk on her show, ranting about how it “should be illegal” for the president to be cleared of any wrongdoing. She attacked Attorney General William Barr and suggested that there was some sort of cover-up going on. Of course, she provides no evidence to back up her baseless claims.

It’s truly baffling to see the left’s obsession with taking down President Trump. Despite numerous investigations, they just can’t seem to accept that he did nothing wrong. The Mueller report found no collusion and no obstruction, yet they continue to push this false narrative.

Meanwhile, the Trump White House has accomplished so much in just a few short years. Unemployment is at historic lows, and the economy is booming. The president has made great strides in foreign policy, negotiating better trade deals and taking a tough stance against our adversaries. He’s also made great strides in securing our borders and fixing our broken immigration system.

But instead of focusing on these accomplishments, the left is obsessed with bringing down the president at any cost. It’s truly sad to see the state of our politics today. We need to come together as a nation and work towards a brighter future, instead of tearing each other down over petty political differences.

In conclusion, the left’s obsession with President Trump is getting out of hand. Whoopi Goldberg’s comments are just the latest example of their irrational hatred towards the president. It’s time for them to accept the facts and move on, instead of trying to undermine the very foundations of our democracy. Let’s come together and work towards a brighter future, one where we can all thrive and succeed. Thank you, and goodnight.

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