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WATCH: Video game manager says trans activist fired her for following conservative figures

WATCH: Video game manager says trans activist fired her for following conservative figures

A A woman recently fired from a video game company said a transgender activist led the charge to lose her job because she followed conservative Twitter accounts.

Kara Lynne lost her position at Limited Run Games on Jan. 6 after the activist labeled her “a transphobe who follows a veritable who’s who of right-wing transphobic creeps,” according to a report.


“The funny thing is … I follow the narratives of all political affiliations,” Lynne told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday. “I’m the type of person who likes to see from all directions, so I follow multiple accounts.”

Lynne had been with Limited Run Games since November 2020, but the company became concerned about the backlash she was getting, she said.

“It was more the publicity I was getting,” according to Lynne. “That was the biggest thing. They didn’t have any qualms about who I was going with or anything like that.”

In another interview, he discussed being fired from the company he had been with for more than two years, the report said.

“It hurt,” he said. “I wasn’t angry with [the company] because from a PR perspective, being in a marketing position, you have to understand where they were coming from with that.”

“I wish they had turned their backs on me.”

Lynne is not an overly political person and tries to stay away from controversy, she said.

“I generally keep to myself, in politics, in the workplace, just because … my beliefs don’t have to be pushed on anybody else,” he said. “I’ve always been very adamant about it, like, I’ll do you, I’ll do it to me.”

Lynne said her firing came hours after Jessica Blank, a biological man who identifies as female and uses the nickname “Purple Tinker,” criticized her for the accounts she follows, according to the report.

Plastered blank screenshots of the accounts Lynne followed.

“Unless and until I am fired from the company permanently, I will not give them a single dime,” Blank said.

Accounts followed by Lynne include TikTok’s Libs, Blaire White and Ian Miles Cheong, according to the report.

Lynne also believes her tweet supporting a new Harry Potter-themed video game angered Blank, she said.

Following his firing, Limited Run Games released a statement.

“LRG respects all personal opinions, however, we remain committed to supporting an inclusive culture. After investigating a situation, one employee was terminated,” it said.


“Our goal as a company is to continue to foster a positive and safe environment for everyone.”

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