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Watch: Rapper YG, Who Sang ‘F*** Donald Trump,’ Says Black Community Shifting Toward MAGA: ‘Biden Ain’t Did Nothing for Us’

Watch: Rapper YG, Who Sang ‘F*** Donald Trump,’ Says Black Community Shifting Toward MAGA: ‘Biden Ain’t Did Nothing for Us’

Title: Watch: Rapper YG, Who Sang ‘F*** Donald Trump,’ Says Black Community Shifting Toward MAGA: ‘Biden Ain’t Did Nothing for Us’


Renowned rapper YG, known for his politically charged anthem “F*** Donald Trump,” has caught attention once again by suggesting a notable shift in the Black community’s attitude towards the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. In a recent interview, YG expressed his discontent with President Biden and highlighted the sentiment among African Americans who feel that little progress has been made under his administration. This article explores YG’s perspective and delves into the evolving dynamics within the Black community.

YG’s Candid Remarks

In his interview, YG did not shy away from expressing his thoughts on President Biden’s performance thus far. “Biden ain’t did nothing for us. I don’t know how people feel, but that’s where I’m at with it,” he boldly stated. This statement reflects the brewing frustration within a segment of the Black community that feels their concerns have gone unnoticed despite supporting Biden and the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential election.

Shifting Dynamics within the Black Community

YG’s skepticism regarding Biden’s impact on the Black community is reflective of a growing sentiment among some African Americans. While there is no denying that the majority of Black voters supported Biden in the election, discontent has been mounting amongst those who expected swift and substantial change.

The reality is that elected officials cannot fulfill all promises immediately, and systemic issues require concerted efforts from various stakeholders. However, some members of the Black community are eager for tangible progress on key issues such as police reform, criminal justice reform, and economic disparities. The delay in such advancements has left room for reevaluation of political loyalties.

Within the shifting dynamics, a small but notable fraction of African Americans has expressed interest in exploring alternatives and engaging with the MAGA movement. This pivot may stem from disillusionment or a desire for change beyond what has been traditionally associated with Democratic politics.

Understanding the Factors

The reasons behind this evolving sentiment are complex and multi-faceted. One factor is the desire for immediate solutions and a feeling that issues affecting the Black community have not been adequately addressed by the Biden administration. Additionally, some individuals within the Black community may have been swayed by former President Trump’s criminal justice reform efforts and initiatives focused on job creation, which resonated with their aspirations for change.

It is important to acknowledge that there is no homogeneous opinion within the Black community regarding its political stance. While some have been vocal about their disillusionment with the Biden administration, many others remain steadfast in their support.

Implications for Future Elections

The increasing interest in exploring alternative political paths within the Black community does not necessarily imply a mass exodus from traditional Democratic affiliations. However, it highlights the importance of candidates engaging directly with African American voters and addressing their concerns effectively.

To maintain political relevance and continue winning the support of African American voters, both major political parties must recognize and respond to the diverse range of priorities and aspirations held within the Black community.


YG’s frank remarks regarding the Biden administration serve as a reflection of an evolving sentiment within a segment of the Black community. The frustration felt by those who see a need for swift and substantial change does not negate the broader support for Democratic policies. However, it does signal a growing desire for viable alternatives to address the unique needs and concerns of African Americans. Understanding and addressing the factors behind this evolving sentiment is critical for political parties to forge meaningful connections and secure voters’ trust in the future.

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