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Watch Live | Emerald Robinson show… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Watch Live | Emerald Robinson show… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Posted by Kane on May 19, 2023 4:11 pm


Emerald Robinson show begins daily at 4:30 pm






FBI won’t release J6 video.

FBI whistleblower George Hill detailed allegations that the bureau wouldn’t hand over J6 footage because the identities of uncover officers and informants could be revealed.

Hill joined @EmeraldRobinson to detail what he witnessed at the FBI first hand.

— The Absolute Truth with @EmeraldRobinson (@AbsoluteWithE) May 19, 2023




Another important clip.

Whistleblower Sonya LaBosco (@LaboscoSonya) says TSA flagged anyone flying to D.C. from 1/4/2021-1/7/2021 as suspected domestic terrorists.

We reached out to TSA for comment–they referred us to DHS.

Unfortunately, DHS would not respond to our request.


— The Absolute Truth with @EmeraldRobinson (@AbsoluteWithE) April 26, 2023




Moving words from Aunt of Matthew Perna who committed suicide over J6 charges.

Former President Donald J. Trump met with J6 defendant Matthew Perna’s aunt @GeriPerna this week.

Listen to the encouraging message the President shared with the Perna family.

— The Absolute Truth with @EmeraldRobinson (@AbsoluteWithE) March 24, 2023




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