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Watch as a Marine sniper takes on the Taliban with a Barrett M107 .50 caliber rifle

The United States Marines have a number of weapons at their disposal, but few are as deadly as the Barrett M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle. Capable of hitting targets from nearly 2,000 yards away, the Barrett M107 is an invaluable rifle that provides snipers with unprecedented accuracy from remarkable distances when they need it most.

Getting the chance to see such an impressive weapon in action is a rare sight, but footage collected by US Marines during a harrowing confrontation gives viewers a chance to see the rifle’s destructive power during an active combat situation.

The video, compiled by US Marine Cpl. William J. Faffler, shows a number of troops returning fire during an intense engagement with fighters.

“US Marines with Company B., 1st Reconnaissance Battalion engage enemy forces from a patrol base near Sangin, Afghanistan,” the video says at the start. “The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion is conducting counterinsurgency operations in support of the International Security Assistance Force.”

Several weapons can be seen in the video, including suppressed M4 rifles with M203 grenade launchers and the Barrett .50 caliber rifle. The 30-pounder is carefully maneuvered as the sniper continuously scans the landscape for targets.

Four minutes into the video, the sniper takes aim.

The massive weapon fires a single devastating round with unimaginable force. As the dust cloud disperses, the sniper reports.

“I had three in sight. Two ran in the opposite direction of the way they were coming,” he explains. A moment later, the skilled sniper lines up for another shot.

“A guy on a moped going east to west at about 800. You’ll catch him on the right side in a couple of seconds,” he tells his team.

The video clip is an intense look at the challenges the armed forces face every day when deployed. It also serves as a stark reminder of the dangers they are subjected to when in combat. Enemy combatants often fire seemingly from all directions without being seen, and snipers with weapons like the Barrett M107 are vital assets to a unit during a threatening situation.

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