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Washington Post Suggests Joe Biden’s Behavior ‘Was Not Impeccable’ – Twitchy

Progress, progress!

As we’ve noted, many Democrats have decided they’re fine with throwing Hunter Biden in jail if it allows his father to get away with accepting bribes. Early on, we saw bits and pieces about how this is really the story of a father’s love for his son: As a crack addict, Hunter made some bad decisions. But her beloved father Joe Biden was always there to chat about the weather.

Now, on Twitter, we see Democrats all but encouraging the Justice Department to throw Hunter in jail and throw away the key. That $20 million+ from foreign oligarchs into the Biden family accounts was all Hunter’s doing and Joe had no idea. Republicans have no evidence that Biden has done anything other than discuss the weather with his son’s business associates.

Lo and behold, the Washington Post publishes an op-ed on Saturday that says Hunter Biden shouldn’t get special treatment. They were probably crying when the plea deal, including blanket immunity, fell through, but now they’re ready for Hunter to face the consequences of his crimes.

David Marcus captured something really special in the piece … the writer admitted that Joe Biden’s behavior “wasn’t flawless.”

But this is exactly the opposite of what both the White House and the mainstream press have been telling us. Loving family man Joe had no connection to any of this. He hadn’t even discussed business with his son, not even when he was put on speakerphone during business meetings.



The Post will probably get a ton of “cancel my subscription” e-mails, even to print this.

It would be “absurd” not to help your family earn money.

Does the writer give even one example of “not flawless”? Because the Democrats and the White House are unwilling to admit even that.


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