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WarRoom Battleground EP 292: The War On Our Southern Border And In The Media Copy

WarRoom Battleground EP 292: The War On Our Southern Border And In The Media Copy

WarRoom Battleground EP 292: The War On Our Southern Border And In The Media

In the latest episode of WarRoom Battleground, Steve Bannon and Raheem Kassam discuss the ongoing crisis at the southern border of the United States. They also dive into the media’s role in the conflict, and how their coverage of the issue contributes to the overall problem.

The southern border of the US has been a hot-button issue for years, but it has become even more contentious in recent months as the Biden administration has reversed many of the policies put in place by the previous administration. The result has been a surge in migrants attempting to cross the border, which has overwhelmed the facilities and resources of the Border Patrol and led to a humanitarian crisis.

Bannon and Kassam argue that the situation at the border is not just a problem for the United States, but for the entire Western world. If America can’t secure its own borders, they say, then it will be difficult for other countries to do the same. They also point to the burden that illegal immigration places on local communities, which are often ill-equipped to handle the influx of new residents.

But the focus of the episode is not just on the situation at the border itself – it’s also on the media’s coverage of the issue. Bannon and Kassam argue that many outlets are downplaying the severity of the crisis, or even actively working to cover it up. They point to the fact that journalists are largely prohibited from visiting the border detention facilities, which makes it difficult for them to report on the conditions there.

They also highlight the mainstream media’s tendency to focus on the political implications of the border crisis, rather than the human toll it’s taking. Bannon cites a recent report by NBC News that focused on the way Republicans were messaging on the issue, rather than on the actual plight of the migrants at the border.

All of this, Bannon and Kassam argue, is contributing to a dangerous escalation of the situation at the border. They say that until the media acknowledges the severity of the crisis and puts pressure on politicians to take action, the situation is likely to continue to worsen.

Overall, WarRoom Battleground EP 292 provides a compelling look at one of the most urgent issues facing the United States today. Bannon and Kassam offer insightful analysis and criticism of both the administration’s policies and the media’s coverage, making a strong case for why we all need to pay attention to what’s happening at the southern border.

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