Voters Loudly Boo Mitt Romney During Utah GOP Convention

Anti-Trump Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) was brutally heckled by attendees of the Utah GOP convention on Saturday.

The convention in West Valley City erupted into loud boos and jeers as Romney stepped on stage.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Romney said as he waved to the angry crowd. “So yeah, I understand I have a few folks who don’t like me terribly much, and I’m sorry about that.”

“You can boo all you like, but I’ve been a Republican all my life.”

The Utah GOP chair Derek Brown intervened shortly after, calling for the crowd to “show respect.”

After his canned speech, Romney promptly left the Maverik Center without taking questions from the media.

Romney has become one of the most reviled members of the Republican Party after voting to impeach President Trump in February, and is now facing a censure resolution by the Utah GOP.

“I think Mitt Romney has shown himself to be a big government senator,” censure cosponsor and GOP delegate Don Guymon said, adding that Romney “hurt our U.S. Constitution, our country and our party” by voting to impeach Trump.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is another RINO Republican who was quickly censured as a result of voting to impeach Trump.

These developments suggest that a deep political reckoning is in store for more Republicans who betray the will of their constituents.

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How The GOP Betrayed Trump, And How We Can Take The Power Back.

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