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Video of Jordan Neely protesting on the New York subway

Video of Jordan Neely protesting on the New York subway

A mob upset over the death of Jordan Neely launched a protest in New York City that turned violent. Protesters clashed with police and intentionally blocked subway tracks to disrupt public transportation on Saturday.

The video shows a group of protesters standing on subway tracks to disrupt public transportation. The agitators blocked the subway track serving the F and Q trains, causing the trains to stop temporarily. The video shows the moment an incoming train heads towards the protesters, but is forced to stop before reaching the subway platform.

(WARNING: Explicit language)

u201cBreaking: Protesters are now disrupting the New York subway for Jordan Neelyu201d

— Rebecca Brannon (@RebeccaBrannon) 1683411315

Jordan Neely protesters clashed with NYPD officers on the subway platform. Protesters turned violent and had physical confrontations with police officers. Some agitators refused to stop blocking the doors of a subway car from being closed. The angry mob intimidated subway passengers from leaving the train.

u201cThe woman in green and the New York policeman fight. Multiple arrests are being made and protesters trapped on the ground. nn#JordanNeelyu201d

— Rebecca Brannon (@RebeccaBrannon) 1683412740

u201cNYC subway riders are getting frustrated as protesters disrupt and disrupt their rides nn#JordanNeelyu201d

— Rebecca Brannon (@RebeccaBrannon) 1683412468

Numerous agitators were arrested by the police.

u201cNPYD Police struggle with another protester who resists arrest and is knocked to the ground and handcuffed.u201d

— Rebecca Brannon (@RebeccaBrannon) 1683416810

u201cTwo major arrests have just been made as protesters continue to clash with NYPD.nnOne protester claims he can’t breathe.nnThe other is taken away in handcuffs.nn #JordanNeelyu201d

— Rebecca Brannon (@RebeccaBrannon) 1683416315

Freelance photojournalist Rebecca Brannon shot a video of an injured NYPD officer limping toward a police vehicle as protesters shouted, “I hope you die!”

u201cA New York police officer has been injured after being pushed in a confrontation with protesters; i said i might have a broken leg. nnI’m not sure if you can hear it on the audio, but the protesters are shouting u201cI hope you die!u201du201d

— Rebecca Brannon (@RebeccaBrannon) 1683417295

Brannon also alleged, “There were also reports that some ran through the tunnels, disrupting subways for hours and thousands in transit. I’m told subways are still disrupted and backed up everywhere.”

Protesters threatened to “tear down the city” if there was no justice for Neely.

u201cNew York City protesters angry over Jordan Neely’s death threaten to ‘tear down the city’ unless something is done about the Marine who killed him.u201d

— Ian Miles Cheong (@Ian Miles Cheong) 1683419112

The protests were sparked by the death of career criminal Jordan Neely by a US Marine who placed him in a choke hold after he became aggressive on the subway.

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